Optikalist by KC Professional

High end haircuts and hair coloring
The future of hair coloring has begun. Finland is the home of this exquisitely colorful collection of hairstyles which define themselves through high end cuts with geometric designs and the colors that are part natural and part stained in pastel rainbow hues.
A new technique applies the color mainly on the underside of the hair, each look has its own unique coloring in a subtle but nevertheless mesmerizing way. Crisp and fresh with modern cuts and attractive stylings, this collection is another highlight of Scandinavian design.

Curly Colorful Blonde

Blonde hair with translucent color effects
Everything is better with a bit of color. Even a beautiful long and blonde hairstyle. In the hands of the Finnish designers her long locks turn into a Scandinavian fairy tale with translucent and immensely bright colors which peek out of her well defined waves.
The hair color was applied to the bottom hair and shimmers in an iridescent lightning white, pearly lavender and a mysterious teal. In combination with the natural hair color, the effect is absolutely stunning. A great advantage of treating only the lower hair with color is that grown out roots won't be visible for a very long time.

Strict Bangs and Bright Colors

Long hair with green and purple strands
Contrasts over contrast create a fascinating fashion experience. Her strict bangs are sharp and clear, the geometric minimalism continues to her chin line and then it all changes. An explosion of color and playful shapes mingle and tingle in shades of purple and green amidst her almost black hair.
The long colorful strands are not hair extensions, but where created with the color mask technique by KC Professional. Choose your favorite colors and make sure to keep your make-up neutral to keep it all looking refined and precious.

Long and Angled

Angled bob for dark hair with blue and purple stripes
Bring a cosmic dimension to a bob with an underneath painting! Abstract stripes in a dark blue and purple are made to fascinate in their not even so subtle way. Partly hidden and exposed when she moves, it is mindblowingly beautiful.
The cut is a classic bob with a very straight construction, a sleek surface and a center part, so that nothing in the shape distracts from the drama of the combination of her natural dark color and the peacock colored joy underneath it all.

Natural Layers

Bob hairstyle with natural layers
A layered bob is a great style for women who like more movement and volume in their hair. It looks great with all face shapes and is one of the most flattering hairstyles around. With a makeover by KC Professional the classic of all classics was given a boost in color with highlights and lowlights taken from the blonde summer palette.
Darker, smoky hues work with the brightness of moonlight blonde to generate a high dimension fantasy of hair.

Strawberry and Blonde

Bob cut for blonde hair with pink accents
This modern Joan of Arc may not hear voices, but she sees colors. Her simple short bob cut comes to life with a gorgeous coloring of dark blonde, light blonde and rose petal pink. The hair barely covers her ears and the fresh bangs exceed the eyebrows.
The transparent kiss of pink is mostly in the bangs and on the sides of her face. A soft make-up is the ideal addition for a fun, stylish appearance.

Burst of Color

Hair with blue, purple and black coloring
If you love colors there is no need to be too subtle. Put them on. Bright blue, purple and black turn her short hair into an aurora borealis in the middle of the day. The punk inspired cut features a smooth back and equally rounded sides.
The rest is jagged, wild, spiked and ruffled to an expressive texture and explosive shape. The hair colors have a deep glow that seems to come from deep within similar to precious gems.
Hair: KC Team
Make-up: Piia Hiltunenn
Styling: Mint Vesala
Photography: Sami Välikangas