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Petra Mechurov√° Hair Design

  • bob with asymmetric bangs
  • hair with undercut forehead and sides
  • hairstyle for a svelte neck
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As it is her style, the Petra Mechurov√° Hair Design looks at classic hairstyles in a new way. A "Revision" of the big theme of the bob brought about these three stunning looks. Flavored with asymmetric lines, a unique combination of short and long and shimmering in warm tones of understated dark blonde this fresh take on the everlasting and ubiquitous look will bring many new fans to it.
The lines are clear and surfaces sleek, the movement is well controlled and more emphasis was put on sculptural appearance and purity of form. However some texture along the cutting lines was used to give these a soft appearance and modern chic.
Hairstyles: Petra Mechurov√° Hair Design
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