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Change means the courage and determination to let go off something from the past and to preset oneself with a new styling. The spring/summer season promises this change and comes with good mood and intense attitude toward life.
The J.7 artistic team cuts offer trend proven hairstyles from short to curls and all the way to bangs in all variations. FREE YOUR SILENCE was made for the fashion courageous, who say "yes" to extraordinary and versatile styling. Colors from red to blond hues are found again in this collection and automatically draw all eyes towards them.
The range shows many facets and includes it all - from short to long. The basic shape is geometrical and softly textured in itself. The cutting lines are worked out in horizontal sections. The lifting angle determines the grade of the layering. The crown is worked through in a straight layering to achieve much texture. The bangs can be created in all lengths and with texture.
The collection offers two main hair color groups: "the reds" and "fairy blonde". The work is done using minimalistic techniques. Therefore coloring effects from "break" to "flow" can be used.
The emphasis of this collection is in the styling that can be elaborated with several tools. The style statements for this collection are sleek, curly and textured.
Important tools are: flat iron, crimping iron and curling iron.

Curved Bangs

Short A line haircut with curved bangs
Bangs cut with a curved line
Pretty in purple with an asymmetrical fringe. Anja's short look stands out with its mix of sleekness and textured ends. The hair has been smoothly layered and was cut in an A-line, lengthening from the nape to the jaw line. She can easily adjust the styling to her mood by ruffling the hair - some mousse and scrunching of the ends will do the trick.
To show the extraordinary shape of the cut, she also wears her hair sleek, bringing out the curved line of her bangs culminating in a pointy tip between her eyebrows. The color is a deep blackberry tone, intensely supporting the green hue of her eyes.

Sleek Men's Haircut

Sleek men's haircut with long drop-shaped bangs
Hairstyles for blonde hair
Sleek and trendy with a minimalist shape this short cut is an eye catcher par excellence. The hair is gently textured from within, enabling a sleek flow with fullness and texture. The energetic contrast of short and long sections comes to fruition with the long, drop shaped bangs that are anchored high on the crown and run smoothly towards the geometrical tip on one side.
The back and sides are cut in very short layers and styled close to the head. For an extravagant men's haircut of this caliber, a muted color is the best match and Bastian's medium ash blonde with gently blended highlights is a great match.

Fringe with Cut-Outs

Trendy textured bob make-over
Bob cut and bangs with cut-outs
A classic bob got a makeover and came back all trendy and filled with fun and excitement. Laini is ready for the new season with her finely textured coif and her extravagant bangs. The cutting line of the fringe stands out with its cut-outs in triangular shapes. Three of those turn the curve above the eyebrows into eye candy.
She can play with the styling by varying the intensity of ruffling and teasing the lower sections of her cut that brings out the color effects. The hair was dyed in layers of chocolate with a mahogany touch, deep caramel and some raspberry. Every movement of the hair reveals new insights.

Round Cutting Line

Hair cut in a round line around the head
Hair curving right above the eyebrows
Lena loves her new style that comes in a multitude of facets and styling variations. The base cut is done with the utmost precision in a round line around the head, from the neck, below the ears and curving right above the eyebrows. The ends are just a wee bit textured and to break up the straightness a section is styled diagonally on the crown.
A variation of the styling is to increase the angle on both sides and by adding a styling product increasing the texture all around. This is also aided by the finesse in the coloring which brings together a medium blonde with a graphite tone, in skinny evenly distributed strands.

Natural Curl

Over shoulder length hair with curls
Hair with natural curls
Luscious locks can turn every woman into a goddess. Linda's style is super trendy and goes with all the romantic looks of the season. Her over the shoulder length hair was finely layered to make her natural curl pop out even more. With the help of a curling iron the curls can be enhanced, reshaped and the flat iron puts in some revolutionary corners with sharp angles.
She changes the overall silhouette by pinning up the back hair. For a softer look the hair is left open and the curls are large and round. Hair color comes in iridescent beauty with a deep strawberry blonde interspersed with copper effects.

Feisty Short Hairstyle

Trendy hairstyle with the sides and back cropped short
Fashion hairstyle with cropped back and sides
Short sides and neck will keep Lisa cool this summer and surfing high on the fashion wave. All the action in this pixie cut takes place above the ears with longer layers flowing from a point way off center on the crown in a diagonal line across the forehead. Tiny sideburns bring a fun gamine element to this trendy and feisty hairstyle.
The styling can be varied by playing with the angle of the flow and also with the amount of ruffling on the crown which is a great contrast to the very sleek front and the cropped back and sides. The streaks in berry colors and dark chocolate enhance the shape and movement of this style.

Tapering and Multiple Hair Colors

Long hair with multiple colors, tapering and chopped ends
Long hair with chopped and pointed ends
Three hair colors and courageous cuts make this summer look a winner for both - the romantic trend and the sophisticated urban looks. Gently, precisely cut layers with pointed tips create volume and a roundness of the outer contour. The face is framed with a clean tapering that starts below the chin and crowns the eyes in a perfect curve.
The lower ends of the long hair are chopped in blunt sections. All comes to live with the amazing color work. A level of strawberry was inserted in the vanilla blonde base color and the inside is a few tones darker in an ashy beach blonde.

Light Short Haircut

Light and versatile short haircut
Short haircut with extremely short sides and back
This light and versatile short haircut can undergo a personality change in a couple of minutes. The secret is in the longer, straight layered crown, just a little longer than a buzz cut. Regina can style it up or down and take it from work to playtime with just a dab of styling product and a fine comb.
The sides and back are extremely short and smoothly blend in with the longer top. Her color is iridescent platinum, alternated with a silver tone that comes out with the smooth styling.

Crimped Hair

Hairstyle with crimped hair and elongated bangs
Selina chose an urban fairy look to float through the sunny months. Her elfish features found the perfect match with this medium long creation that balances two extreme textures. The super sleek top and front part with elongated bangs that flow diagonally across the face are contrasted by weightless, crimped volume all around the lower half of the head.
Magical finesse brings an outer worldly purple haze together with the ash blonde base color, which itself is lightened up with fine streaks in gold.
Hairstyles & Make-Up: J.7 artistic team
Photos: Vlado Golub
Post Production: Steffen Müller
Styling: Nicole Czapalla
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