Neo Mode by DESSANGE

Modern brunette and blonde hairstyles
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In the house of DESSANGE, the hair colors for this collection are brunette and blonde. The Neo Mode collection of hairstyles is a new and modern approach to the favorite styles, the basics and all time winners of hairstyles and colors.
New ways to present these favorites and to give them a modern edge. New surprises were found and the result are 9 looks that will definitely land on the must-have list of many women.
The small palette of colors reflects one of the ideas behind this collection - to reflect the purity and beauty of the lines, to refine cut and styling of already famous looks like the bob, bowl cut and long curls and take them to a new level. Rediscover and redefine. The hair colors used are rich and pure with subtle but arresting effects.

80's Styling for a Long Bob

Long blonde bob with 1980s styling
Hairstyles for blonde hair
Fashionable hairstyles and turtlenecks
The tapered line along the cheeks is back just like blue eye shadow and shoulder pads. All in a very elegant and toned down version compared to the decade of its origin, the 1980s. Dessange adapted one of the favorite hairstyles of this time to your wants and needs by using the basic idea and softening the shape, adding new texture and an amazing color to it.
The long fringe and the turned in sides are as flattering as ever and the light blonde is so luminescent that it must brighten up any day. It looks especially natural with the different hues that are playing on the roots.

Side Swept Fringe

Medium length blonde hair with a side swept fringe
Much movement and lightness characterize this adorable hairstyle that flatters women of all ages. It gains much volume through the large and disheveled waves and curls that play mostly in the tips. The partition is off center but not drawn in a strict line but rather covered by overlapping hair.
However, the fringe is separated above one eye and swept to the side to put a mysterious shade over the other eye. Sexy and refined with a cute outward feathering as a finishing touch. Mousse and curling irons are good helpers to create this look.

Soft Lines with an Open Fringe

Classic medium length hair with an open fringe
Another classic hairstyle that still sweeps us off our feet. Sexy with all of its soft movement and the amount of volume is just right. The face is framed with the luscious large curls and a long fringe, parted in the center.
Just a small amount of "undone" gives it a modern and even more alluring aura. The color is a precious and unpretentious blonde with a finetuned shading of the high and the lower lights. Transparency creates luminosity.

Bed Head Effect Bob

Short blonde bob styled for a bed head look
This open and soft styling of the classic bob haircut has no competition when it comes to the famous wow - effect. It is sexy, seductive and never out of style. The cut has to be perfect for it to have this swing in its fall.
Styling focused all on creating movement and volume with the help of a good brush and some special styling products that work in favor of hold and volume without weighing the hair down. Lightness of the movement is key.
The fringe was curved in the tips to one side, and the main movement of the main body of hair is from the back to the front, but there are enough wild strands to create the irresistible bed head effect.

Full Bangs

Short blonde bob with full bangs and the sides styled forward
One haircut and the many versions of it! We all love clothes that are reversible and flexible so that they look great in all situations. Here it is the hair that adapts to whatever you want it to. A short bob with fine layering in the back and full bangs was styled with the sides jutting forward into the face and making a statement with the sharp point.
A great way to accentuate your features and to be fashion bold. The back shows a fine texture and all throughout is the most subtle of lighter and darker shades of blonde.

1980s Flipped Back Hairstyle

1980s flipped back hair style for women
The great layered haircut just screams out 80s hair fashion. All of what we loved about the fun short hairstyles of that decade is in it. The texture, the movement and the high top. A Rockabilly, rebel and sexy vixen look that is also super stylish.
Layers are longer on top and graduate to very short hair in the nape. Styling is easy with a curling iron. You want to make sure to always mess this cut up a bit so that it can live up to its full potential. Your fingers are the most important styling tool.

Revival of the Bowl

Smooth blonde bowl cut
Do not underestimate a good bowl cut, also known as mushroom cut. This is not the Beatles' version, but a tailor-made object of high fashion desire. The smooth short haircut has fine layers that give it this shape.
A minute texturing along the entire perimeter provides softness and the color with all of the fine shading and transparent hues gives depth and iridescence.

Long and Shiny

Long and shiny hair with rolls and curls
Noblesse oblige, but real class does not have to be conservative. This look of luxury skillfully combines classic elements and a modern twist, ever so elegantly. The long hair is layered and controlled with anti-frizz products and the large rolls and curls along all of the edges. All beautiful and sophisticated.
In comes the new twist. The thick and sleek bangs are colored in a different hair color. This can be as subtle or as bold as you want it to be, but the combination seen here of the dark and rich brown and a black is truly stunning.

Inward Roll Bob

Almost shoulder long bob with inward styling
This look has a strong Zen quality to it and can perhaps center your entire being with its perfect symmetry and balance. Almost reaching the shoulders, this bob presents itself in beautiful volume with a good flow and gentle inward roll at the ends.
The fringe is colored a few steps darker than the rest of the hair which boasts the smoothest highlights ever.
Hairstyles: DESSANGE
Photography: Nicolas Valois
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