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Perényi Ádám ’s hair collections have evolved into the league of fine art. Many stylists are masterful in their areas of expertise, but Perényi’s dedication comes from the skill of a true artist.
Designs of razored edges stage new and upcoming hairstyle trends to pave the difference between a haircut and hair sculpture. Notable lines that have been shaped by a razor and slithered by scissors direct angles that are chopped and finely laced. Crowns become excitingly short by this unequaled trend setter.
Long hair is satiny smooth giving the appearance of striking health and radiant glow. Diversified cuts of angles and bluntness bring a new wave of inclinations of what could very well sweep the globe.

A Shag with New Lines

Shag haircut with a short crown area
Modern shag haircut with fringed lines
Side view of a neck length haircut with a short crown
The cut: The crown is cut quite short as it graduates longer towards the neck in fringed lines. The bangs have been given a bulk as part of the sides ride over the ear; blending in with the short crown and longer heavy bangs.
The color: Shades of a darker color begin in the crown with a reddish warm brown and flows down to the lighter golden tones along the model's neck. Bangs are a lighter and darker blonde to be set apart for this succession of color.
The style: The hair is gently combed allowing a few wisps to stand out in different directions revealing the unique cut. The bangs are grouped together and placed in position to harmonize the rest of this hairstyle.

Smooth and Slithered

Angled and slithered hair that touches the shoulders
Shoulder length hairstyle with an angled cutting line
Medium length hairstyle with slithered hair
The cut: Slices of hair are irregularly angled and slithered to frame the face as it touches her shoulders. Her top is boldly meshed into one of the fringes. A fun look with layering on the ends.
The color: A natural wheat color brings new life of satiny appeal to this look.
The style: Hair can be blown dry with a large round brush and smoothed with a lotion and winged in areas with a good spray.

Revealed Ear Lobes

Cropped hairstyle with sides that reveal the ear lobes
Below the neckline haircut with a textured top
Cropped hairstyle with revealed ear lobes
The cut: Cropped hairstyle with a short puffy crown graduating down just a wee bit below the neckline. The sides reveal the ear lobes to allow exposure of wearing those heirloom earrings you inherited. The top is textured for poof with shortly pieced bangs.
The color: A lovely deep rich mother earth black offsetting her eyes.
The style: The hair is blown dry with an average sized brush. Or, if you prefer you can use your hands to style moving the hair up and out. No need for an iron.

Medium Length Angled Haircut

Medium length angled haircut
Medium length hairstyle with angled hair
Razored and textured medium length haircut
The cut: Irregular angled razored or textured ends move up into about 4-6 inches of this cut keeping the bulk inside of the hair.
The color: Tri-tones of gold and browns foiled into this crop give an eclectic flavor of youth.
The style: Blow dry with your hands and with spray or a smoothing lotion and place the hair where you desire. Smooth over the coat of the hair with your hands just allowing only a cheat of a whisp to peek out.

Trendy Haircut with a Short Fringe

Trendy haircut with a very short fringe
Trendy long hairstyle - Side view
Modern haircut with a very short fringe
The cut: Hair layered all over with Perényi's short trendy crown that runs to fringing on the ends. There's a very short and satiny smooth blunt cut fringe along the forehead and a temple area bringing favor among everyone.
The color: Excitement brims over as this dark brunette color defies logic through the mystery of her eyes.
The style: Use plenty of gel, mouse or lotion to blow this style with a medium sized round brush. Smooth the bangs flatly on the forehead, use a fixing crème and spray.

Short Razored Hairstyle

Short hairstyle with a razored crown
Hairstyle with a short crown area
Short hairstyle that covers the neckline - Side view
The cut: Once again we see the short crown razored or texted that graduates in length over the head in these layers just covering her neckline. The movement continues to flow to the strikingly heavy bangs that fall over the middle of the eyes.
The color: Bronzes of golds and browns bring radiance to this most fashionable hairdo.
The style: Apply a good moisturizing styling lotion and blow dry while moving your hands over your hair. Use a crimping iron here or there to crimp a bit if so desired and when done, place hair into position and spray.

Long Blunt Hairstyle

Long blunt cut hairstyle
Versatile long hairstyle with bluntness
Long hairstyle with an angle cut side fringe
The cut: An accomplished bluntness is awarded on the ends of the hair while meshing in some layers along the frame of the face for versatility. The side fringe was cut into an angled line.
The color: Raven black hair. A defining jet soot that few can wear.
The style: Apply a generous amount of gel and blow dry while smoothing the edges with your hands. Use smoothing lotion when done.

Very Short Crown

very short hair
very short hair
very short hair
The cut: Textured very short in the crown, the top of the short bangs conceives a fullness next to the scalp for thickness. The layers of this short haircut move downward covering her neckline.
The color: A rich dark mahogany brings a glow to our models face.
The style: Apply your styling lotion and dry with your fingers pulling the hair up and out and along the neckline down. Use the smoothing crème afterward.

Hairstyle with Irregular Lines

Long hairstyle with angles along side the face
Long razor cut hairstyle with bangs
Long hairstyle with irregular cutting lines
The cut: Long layered hairstyle with irregular lines and angles riding along side the face.
The color: A glorious mahogany auburn.
The style: Apply your styling crème and use a large round or flat brush while blow drying up and under and out. When done, use the smoothing crème to place the hair pieces where you desire.

Length along the Neck

Medium hairstyle with a short crown
Hairstyle with length along the neck
Medium hairstyle with irregular bangs
The cut: Medium length hairstyle with a short crown and graduating with length along the neck and sides. The bangs are cut irregularly with slight layering.
The color: All over neutral blonde hair with brown lowlights involved with her darker new growth.
The style: Apply a good hard gel, blow dry with your hands. When dry, apply spray and flip up where you would like it and use a medium curling iron for the round curls. Smooth the bangs to closely lay on the forehead.

Long Flowing Layers

Long hairstyle with layers
Dark brunette hairstyle for long hair
Long fashion hairstyle with layers
The cut: Long hairstyle with long layers that are short on the top flowing longer onto definition on the ends.
The color: Dark brunette with a lot of depth and shadows.
The style: Apply a rich moisturizing styling crème volumizer and blow with large round brush or with hands. Plump up with your hands and spray.

Long Blunt Cut Hair

Long blunt cut hair
Hairstyle with long blunt bangs
Long hair with angles on the sides
The cut: Typically blunt with angles on the sides. The top is also cut bluntly and smoothly with bangs that reach below the eyebrows.
The color: The overall hair color is a warm brown with golden highlights matching the ends.
The style: Apply your desired styling lotion and use either a flat brush or a large round brush to blow dry into this smooth style. Use a smoothing crème to fix the bangs and rub on the ends of the hair.

Ultra Long Side Bangs

Hairstyle with long side bangs
Long hair with textured ends
Fashionable long hairstyle with layers
The cut: Fashionable long hairstyle with long layers that meet the textured ends making a way to flow with the ultra long bangs.
The color: Mahogany wine is coupled with a cherry auburn of passion.
The style: Use your desired crème, lotion or spray to apply to your hair and a large round brush while blow drying. Use a flat iron afterward depending on how straight of a look you so desire.

Covering the Neck

Hairstyle with length and layers covering the neck
The cut: Haircut with layers upon layers beginning short and winding down to keep the length covering the neck.
The color: Tri-tones of rich deep warmth of reddish browns and daring splotches of gold bring glitter and spark with a formulated harmony of color.
The style: Apply your styling lotion or crème and use a large brush directing the hair towards the face while drying. Flip around with the brush or hands when dry and apply spray.
Salon: Hairpoint By Perényi - Hungary
Hair: Perényi Ádám, Horváth Adrienn, Gaál Gréta, Markus Afrodité, Urbán Éva
Make-Up: Babják Judit, Kovács Kriszta
Face Artist: Ipacs Szilvi, Szécsi Gabi
Photography: Höri
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