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Hairpoint By Perényi - Women's Hairstyles

Perényi Ádám ’s hair collections have evolved into the league of fine art. Many stylists are masterful in their areas of expertise, but Perényi’s dedication comes from the skill of a true artist.
  • shag haircut
  • slithered
  • cropped short
  • angled hairstyle
  • layered haircut
  • short haircut
  • face framing style
  • very short hair
  • long and layered
  • graduating hair
  • long layers hairstyle
  • smooth long hair
  • long layered hairstyle
  • layers
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Designs of razored edges stage new and upcoming hairstyle trends to pave the difference between a haircut or hair sculpture. Notable lines that have been shaped by a razor and slithered by scissors direct angles that are chopped and finely laced. Crowns become excitingly short by this unequaled trend setter.
Long hair is satiny smooth giving the appearance of striking health and radiant glow. Diversified cuts of angles and bluntness bring a new wave of inclinations of what could very well sweep the globe.
Salon: Hairpoint By Perényi - Hungary
Hair: Perényi Ádám, Horváth Adrienn, Gaál Gréta, Markus Afrodité, Urbán Éva
Make-Up: Babják Judit, Kovács Kriszta
Face Artist: Ipacs Szilvi, Szécsi Gabi
Photography: Höri