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Perfect Glam

Hair Arena Intercoiffure

  • short 20's inspired bob cut
  • versatile short haircut with curl
  • feathered hair framing the face
  • 60s flip style look
  • angled-layer haircut
  • long waves haircut
  • glossy ponytail
  • long smooth coils hairstyle
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Perfect Glam is the name of this collection of hairstyles from Hair Arena Intercoiffure and features a series of silky, sassy, and star-worthy styles. Looks vary from short and chic to long, sleek coils and lots of in-between hairstyles.
All the looks share the traits of smooth finishes, and high-gloss shine. These are definitely styles that will appeal to most every woman.
Hairstyles: Hair Arena Intercoiffure
Photography: Marina Sturm
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