"Perfect Glam" by Hair Arena Intercoiffure

Sleek hairstyles
Perfect Glam is the name of this collection of hairstyles from Hair Arena Intercoiffure and features a series of silky, sassy, and star-worthy styles. Looks vary from short and chic to long, sleek coils and lots of in-between hairstyles.
All the looks share the traits of smooth finishes, and high-gloss shine. These are definitely styles that will appeal to most every woman.

Short Asymmetrical Bob

Short asymmetrical 20's inspired bob with a French curl at the cheek
Fringe with a side sweep
This short, asymmetrical bob cut gives two looks in one with its dominant side offering a classy, 1920s-inspired French curl at the cheek. The passive side features a short, pixie cut gamine look with tapering around the ears and at the neckline.
The fringe is cut along an angle and is styled with a side sweep to create a smooth edge that merges fluidly into the crisply defined curl. The bulk of the hair lies to the left across the top of the head and the styling focuses heavily on a clean smooth finish that enhances the variance of the blonde tones in the hair.

Short Hairstyle with Curl

Versatile short hairstyle with a crisp cutting line and curls
Short haircut with curls
We see here a restyling of the previous haircut. The key differences are the slight forward sweep along the passive side of the style to show the crisp cutting line of the tapering, and the sweeping volume of curl styled into the dominant side.
Even with the added volume in the style, the curls are kept smooth and the look is soft and sleek. It is interesting to note the differences to illustrate that even a short-haired look can be versatile.

Long-Haired Style

feathered hair framing the face
This long-haired style features a shallow layering zone to add some dimension to the ends of the hair and a feathering edge framing the face. The hair is parted on the left and styled for a smooth look with large soft curves.
The ends of the hair are textured with deep notching or razoring to give a feathered finish to the ends. The smooth styling enhances the natural variation of the faun and blonde lights in the hair color.

Sleek Long Blunt Cut

60s flip style hair
Long face framing hairstyles
This sleek, smooth long blunt cut is textured on the ends with a razor tool to give a soft finish to the upturned ends. The off-center parting offers a hit of asymmetry while the satiny finish to the hair allows the color to glow with natural radiance.
The overall effect is reminiscent of the 60s "flip" style, only longer and more natural-looking. The style's length is well-suited to wide faces, and the asymmetrical elements can help to balance the look of prominent or out-of-proportion features.

Classic Angled-Layer Cut

Classic angled-layer cut on long hair that frames the face
This is a classic angled-layer cut on long hair, where the forward edge of the hair is shaped into a long curving line to frame the face and maintain the vertical focus of the silhouette. The fringe is cut with a curved line that falls to the bottom lid of the eyes and blends into the side layers along the front edge.
The forward layers are carefully textured to soften the line and are styled to curve inward and caress the face and neck. In keeping with the collection, the styling focuses on smooth, satiny finishes of the hair to promote a healthy glow and natural highlights.

Long Flowing Waves

1960s inspired hairstyle with long flowing waves that curl up at the ends
Hair for a 1960s look
This is a classic look inspired by 1960s glamour. The long, lightly layered hair has a natural seasonal-looking transition to its color and is styled in a classic look with scalp-level lift and volume and long flowing waves that curl up at the ends into smooth, clean curves.
The soft-to-touch finish is inviting and captivating and the hair glows with inner light from the naturally healthy condition. Brigitte Bardot, eat your heart out.

Self-Wrapped Ponytail

Self-wrapped ponytail with glossy styling
Hair cut with a long curved fringe
Nothing is more classic, or more playful than the ponytail. This long blunt cut is enhanced by the long curved fringe area, and the smooth, sleek styling make for a golden glow as the hair is drawn back into a self-wrapped ponytail and left to drape smoothly down the back.
The striking elements of this look come in the glossy texture of the hair directed in alternating lines from fringe to sides and crown, and then the gleaming curve of the tail itself. For all its simplicity, anyone who's ever tried to create this kind of hairstyle knows what kind of effort it takes.

Satin-Smooth Curls

Long auburn hairstyle with satin-smooth curls
The richness and warmth of the soft auburn tresses are enhanced by the satin-smooth coils and ringlets of the style. The hair looks almost alive as the light glints and gleams off the bends and twirls of the style.
With an off-center parting, the style's asymmetry merges with the long, flowing curls to give a sense of balance to an otherwise asymmetrical look. This hairstyle is perfect on its own or it could serve as a launching point for a Grecian-inspired up-style with lots of drape and curl.
Hairstyles: Hair Arena Intercoiffure
Photography: Marina Sturm
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