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Hairstyles Created by DeepKeikoo

  • elegant updo
  • very short hairstyle
  • short retro bob
  • 80s look
  • bangs with stripes
  • copper curls
  • big hair with curls
  • boy cut
  • punk mohawk
  • beard and curls
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The English name for this hairstyles collection by the Italian Salon of creative geniuses, DeepKeikoo, is "Perspective". And what a perspective the Neapolitan stylists are giving us! There are undeniably some retrospective aspects in these looks which come with the best of the best elements of style from past decades. These glances back in time have been updated with a new vision and a new, clear and sharp edge. From romantic big hair to flapper style, punk and goth, every bud of our tastes in hairstyles should be activated after checking out these creations.
The hair colors are fresh, bold and daring, with most styles sporting more than one exciting hue which can be applied in streaks or in large sections. These haircuts challenge us to let our own creative energy evolve and to be expressive in a playful, artistic way and to throw worries behind us for a while.
Hairdressers: DeepKeikoo