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Bruno Melgani

  • layered short hairstyle
  • brown hair with highlights
  • tilted fringe
  • short hairstyle with big curls
  • spiky short haircut
  • medium long curly hairstyle
  • long hair styled to one side
  • flexible haircut for men
  • wilde hairstyle
  • wavy mens hairstyle
  • modern mens haircut
  • false Mohawk
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Feminine hairstyles can have many shapes and most of all many lengths. Bruno Melgani brings softness back to hair, even in short and spiky looks. The new collection is called Révélation and rightfully so. Each one of them reveals not only the true beauty of the woman who wears it, but also shows us amazing techniques to make the most of our hair.
Curly, classy, short and sassy or bohemian and wild boy looks come in natural colors with soft cocoa tones, warm browns and reds. Of course a super cool blonde has to be a part of this party too. And the best news is that you don't even have to speak French to look like you just got back from a visit to Paris!
Hair: Bruno Melgani
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