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Ice Maiden's

The Hair Studio

  • very short bob
  • two hair colors combined
  • short and ruffled hair
  • short black hair
  • curly and short black hair
  • short cut for thick hair
  • festive curls for short hair
  • polished look for short hair
  • retro hair with bangs
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These looks are not as icy as the name of the collection may betray, in fact they are so stylish, beautiful and hot that they will melt everything in their path. Versions of each haircut keep the sensations coming and the choices include hairstyles for a variety of types. A short hipster cut, a ladylike modern coif, razzle dazzle tousled hair and vintage beauty are rocking this winter wonderland party.
The hair colors are full in trend with their natural range of blondes, blacks and coppery reds. Sophisticated shapes and precious tones are always an irresistible combination and that is just what you need for all of those upcoming festive moments.
Salon: The Hair Studio
Hair: Harry Boocock & Chris Horsman
Make-up: Lee Pearson
Clothes: Claire Frifth
Photography: Jim Crone