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The Glamour Collection is inspired by the catwalks around the world. Schwarzkopf Professional created looks of all types to capture women around the globe. From sporty to casual, wild, classic, elegant, and girly, these hairstyles are a true wonder to be seen.
The highlights of all of the fashion shows of the season that took place in Milan, London, New York, and Paris are truly captured within this collection. According to hairstylist Steve Hogan, the point of these looks is to redefine what glamour truly means.
The collection mixes simple and stylish looks to capture the essence of women everywhere. The hairstyles were created by a group of high caliber industry insiders and designers. The cuts are truly unique and offering uneven shapes and streaks of color. There are distinct details given to every look to make it truly gorgeous.


Hair with violet and pastel colors
This trend is marked by an unpretentious, relaxed expectation towards the glamour theme. Purity is a fairy tale of innocence and emphasized tender femininity with flowing fabrics and shapes with minimal structure.
The team of Essential Looks has captured the romantic thought of glamour and turned it into a quiet statement. Transparent tulle and chiffon wrap around feminine shapes. Plain cocktail dresses in pastel colors are the epitome for the unobtrusive glamour of Purity.
Flowing bangs, the soft layers in the nape and long sections on the sides take this girlish glamour to perfection.
The hair color picks up one of the biggest themes of the fashion weeks and boasts soft water colors. Gentle, flowing pastel notes in nuances of violet bring lightness and movement to the complete look. Hues that lighten and soften towards the ends tease the eye and provide an element of surprise to the look. Natural lips and eyes accentuated with kajal are the matching make-up for this romantic style.

City Slicker

Hair for metropolitan women
Daily life in the city becomes irresistible! This look for metropolitan women is strong, but at the same time feminine. Clear shapes mix with playful contours to create a perfect urban street style: pantsuits are combined with sexy shorts, and scarves are the new uniform for all who know what they want.
The compact and expressive fringe gives this hair its character. Irregularly placed, longer sections provide structure to the look. The cut can be styled individually - from elegant to casual, there are no limits to the variations. Lighter passes, for example copper effects, bring texture to the dark brown and chocolate hues; at the same time they pronounce the shape of the cut.
The pale skin of the City Slicker is best matched with natural lips, mascara and metallic color effects on the eyelids. This glam look stands for the motto: "Dare to be different".


Chin length hair for a glam party look
Glow and glamour - this trend is high on the list. Excessive shapes and many accessories characterize this look that will brighten up the clubs and bars of the cities during the long nights of the spring and summer season. Sparkling fabrics, great outfits, flashy, big jewelry - no matter what time of day or night, the glam girls are perfectly styled for the next party.
The chin length hair gets much movement and a "swinging" look with its textured layers. Mixing of cool and pastel tones results in an iridescent nude look, that increases the glam factor.
The lips are drenched in rose colored gloss and heavy mascara gives sultry expression to the eyes. In addition the eyes are accentuated with shine, metallic golden pigments. This look is always glamorous, even when the party is over.

Boy Division

Hairstyle for boys and men
"The men's collections are defined through their androgynous looks," explains Steve Hogan, Essential Looks Creative Director, "away from the macho image and towards an almost grunge infused dusky glamour. "A little bit Sid Vicious and some of Pete Doherty - Boy Division lets men share the coolness of the rock scene.
Even and smooth complexions are a "must" for this look and the boys are not too shy to use some eyeliner. The hair has dark brown tones and is perfected with a matte finish. Extra-long bangs that are covering the eye and flat but textured shapes, that almost seem grown out, complete this androgynous look.
This trend is perfect for men who want to look good and live out their wild side. This is how the grunge look gets all polished and glamour-ready!
Photos: Schwarzkopf
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