Polished Punk

Sam Burnett - Rush Hair

Punk inspired hairstyles for women
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When punk was born in the 1970s, no one would have ever thought that it would one day find its way onto the runways of the world or be connected to the word "polished" in any way. Over the past years however new generations are rediscovering the iconic hairstyles of those days and adapt them to a more contemporary form.
Sam Burnett at Rush Hair was also inspired by punk fashion and makes it accessible for today's women who like to show their bold side without loosing out on style.
The new haircuts do not have much in common with the rough, often self cut and styled creations of our mothers and grandmothers. The essence is there, but much softer, even sophisticated with colors that are in the natural range yet bold, but not as overwhelming and shocking as the neon hues and stark contrasts as their predecessors.

Mohawk Look

Mohawk look hairstyle for women
You don't have to go all the way and shave your sides or clip them way short for sporting a trendy Mohawk style. This soft version of the most recognizable of all punk hairstyles is created by lifting the hair off the sides and styling it to the back an up at the same time.
With extra curves in the tips and a general forward drift that ends in a quiff like curl above the forehead, you get a cool look that can be returned back to its basic cut, a short layered bob.

Crimped Geometry

Crimped hair and a round structure
Bold in texture and in shape this look amazes with its balanced geometry and exquisite texture. A crimping iron is the best way to achieve those tiny little crinkles in the hair. The back of the hair was tugged under and shows a thick, round structure, while the front is fanned out and lifted off.
A beautiful transition of colors with blonde, copper and a mist of red increases the electrifying effect of this gorgeous and utterly glamorous look.

Platinum Power

Platinum blonde punk hair
Chopped texture in the long bangs and a blunt cutting line at the lower perimeter is all that is needed to turn a bob into punk style. Wear it with attitude! This hairstyle is all about power and a lot of it comes through the intense and blinding platinum color that would have made Debbie Harry turn pale with envy.
A few very fine layers along the sides are a great way to get more shape, volume and this sexy messy styling.

Dream Curls

Platinum blonde bob styled into curls
Little girls may be made of sugar and spice and everything nice but big girls like their leather and lace! Or better even, leather and angelic curls. The contrast could not be bigger. The platinum blonde bob cut hair was curled throughout and due to the cut the hair fans out to a trapeze shape.
The long fringe is styled in a fuzzy wave and sideways, almost covering her eyes. With a good balance of deconstruction and definition the hair looks very polished and a little bit naughty. Make sure to use some strong colors in your make-up with this hair color, otherwise you might come across as too pale.

Chopped Top

Long punk haircut with a short top section
Not sure if you want to go long or short? You can have both! A short top section is heavily cropped and teases with its rough expression. Behind the ears everything takes on a much different character with a long and very sleek curtain of hair that falls over her shoulders. The contrast of lengths and textures makes this hairstyle very interesting.
The hair color is a sandy, beige blonde very close to her skin tone. This haircut offers some surprising styling options with either pinning the long back part under or up and using different directions for the top hair.

Rolled Pompadour

Updo for undercut hair
A quiff or pompadour style is a favorite of several decades and reincarnates once again in a refined new shape. The long top hair was rolled up and in for this long barrel that reaches from the forehead all the way to her nape.
The undercut short sides are brushed up and transition seamlessly and shiny. A beautiful special effect is the lavender hair color, that peeks subtly through the front of the roll. A flawless updo that gets its spice from a mild amount of messiness.
Hairstyles: Sam Burnett - Rush Hair
Make-up: Adam Burrell
Styling: M.N.K
Photography: Ram Shergill
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