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Polished Punk

Sam Burnett - Rush Hair

  • Mohawk look
  • crimped hair
  • platinum blonde punk
  • platinum blonde curls
  • punk haircut with a contrast of lengths
  • updo for undercut hair
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When punk was born in the 1970s no one would have ever thought that it would one day find its way onto the runways of the world or be connected to the word "polished" in any way. Over the past years however new generations are rediscovering the iconic hairstyles of those days and adapt them to a more contemporary form.
Sam Burnett was also inspired by punk fashion and makes it accessible for today's women who like to show their bold side without loosing out on style.
The new haircuts do not have much in common with the rough, often self cut and styled creations of our mothers and grandmothers. The essence is there, but much softer, even sophisticated with colors that are in the natural range yet bold, but not as overwhelming and shocking as the neon hues and stark contrasts as their predecessors.
Hairstyles: Sam Burnett Rush Hair
Make-up: Adam Burrell
Styling: M.N.K
Photography: Ram Shergill