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Trendy big city hairstyles
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With their colorful and eclectic collection, the J.7 team captures the essence of big city style. The line includes hairstyles that are not just trendy and exciting, but they are versatile and have the flexibility to be adapted to all of the needs and facets of city life. The short and long looks all have some things in common.
They look perfect in the daytime environment and make it through every business meeting with poise and style, but at night they show their other nature. Provocative to practical, it is all there. Each style is layered for a very soft look and this cutting technique also makes volume come easy and infuses much movement into the styles.

Disheveled Long Hair

Disheveled long hair with extreme texture
Loose and lifted long hair
Let it all loose! If you have the length and a healthy mane, tease it to thrill. Long blonde layers take center stage and embrace her in extreme texture and so much volume that even the glamorous sequins on her dress need to take a step back. This look is all about the hair and showcases it with a casual center part, drawn not too exact.
The roots, especially on the crown are lifted to provide volume on top as well. Large waves are a given but new elements are the kinks and pleats that were ironed in, in several places. These give the hair a very modern turn. Of course all has to be disheveled to look so perfect and spellbindingly undone.

Medium Layers with Extravagant Styling

Extravagant medium length hairstyle with layers
Extravagant hairstyle with a lifted fringe
Haircut with tapered sides
Face framing layers are a great look for most face shapes. This haircut has a lot to give and is perhaps one of the most flexible and adaptable ones around. In this image the tapered sides were styled to form a textured frame around her face and the shorter layers on top just do a wild dance, enhanced with the sparkling lights brought in by the highlights.
Good styling skills, a blow dryer and a round brush make it possible. For a tamer version all of the hair can be pointing downward, but more fun is the version with a lifted fringe for a wild and crazy night out on town.

Up or Down

Cute short haircut with multi-tone hair coloring
Lifted short hair wit a trapeze shape
A cute short haircut that comes with a lot of spice! It can be sassy, punky, naughty and sweet, or all of those together. The layers are longer on top and shorten on the side so that a trapeze shape becomes visible when the hair is lifted up, as can be seen in the photo. For this styling the bangs are the sleek contrast to the wild sides. The hair has been lifted up and styled to the front.
Especially the straight parts show the multi-tone hair coloring very well. Tones of warmth illuminate the look with brown and blonde hues. See the second photo for a variation of the styling in which all of the hair is hit by anti-gravity molecules (which, by the way, come in spray bottles and tubes...).

Heavy Metallic

Short hair with long angled bangs
Short hairstyle with long diagonal bangs
Hairstyle with eye-covering bangs
The strongest parts in this hairstyle are the long, angled fringe and the cool metallic hair color. It is the hue of steel in the warm light that softens everything right before the sun sets. The cut is layered and textured throughout with tapering on the sides and a rounded shape.
The kicking design is in the bangs with their diagonal angle and eye-covering length. Avantgarde with options. Style it into the face as much as you can handle and get a mysterious but postmodern look.

Metro Bob

Brown bob with blunt lines and sharp edges
Bob hairstyle with flared out sides
Blunt lines and sharp edges make an edgy look that is just right for your metropolitan adventure. It was parted on the side to get this great swing into the bangs. The texture is held back on this one to give more emphasis to the bold lines.
All the power that is in the bob haircut is repeated in the hair color with its intense brown. Darker strands in the same tonality give structure and enhance the glow of the lighter ones. Alternative stylings include flaring out sections and wearing the sides closer to the skin.

The Changeling

Short haircut with layers for arm brown hair with a lighter section
Fashionable short haircut with multiple colors
Short haircut for ash-blonde hair
Small but mighty! This short haircut has real guts and comes across with a boldness, despite the softening layers and the gentle texture. Much of the expression is in the hair color, which is a dark and warm brown, accentuated with a lighter section directly in front, which has the color of a cool morning mist, or you can also call it a light ash-blonde.
The changeling nature is in the cut with all of the layers that can be used to create a series of looks, each one with a different expression. Check the images for styling ideas, but you will come up with many of your own too!

Feisty Short Hairstyle

Festive short hairstyle with minimal bangs
Spiked up short hair
Fashionable short hair
Minimal bangs open up the face and have a very polished and fashionable feel. Even with all of the texture and the done/undone styling. Movement and texture are what this look is all about and all of the action going on in the hair actually has a softening effect on the face.
Her golden brown tresses are thick and cut just the right way to form volume and have a stand on their own, without having to use too much product. Spike them up all the way for a show stealing variation!

Power Layers

Long bad girl haircut with layers
This look says "don't mess with me!" But that does not apply to the hair, since without some messing it would not look this great. A real bad girl look comes with a mix of textures, jagged lines, disheveled lengths, curls and kinks.
A structuring product was used to pronounce strands and to separate them. The layers are long and color was finetuned with a dark and a medium brown, both deep and intense. Besides a great cut there are no rules when it comes to styling. How fun!

Cool Streaks for Him

Blonde male hair with streaks
Daring male hairstyle
A long fringe reminds of the 80s fashion but with the innovative coloring it takes a very 21st century, urban turn. He follows the zeitgeist and vibes with the beat of the city. Metallic silver and steel define his hairstyle while the natural beard color is a reddish tone. Contrasts create sparks and get us out of our box.
The hair is layered throughout with shorter layers on top and longer ones underneath. Nothing however exceeds the ears. Styled as a thin veil over his eyes, he follows the veiled face trend that plays with elements of anonymity and mystery.

Full Metal Fringe

Bowl cut with dark and light hair colors for men
Trendy male haircut with modern hair coloring
A round bowl cut flirted with a shag and the result are layers, texture galore and much movement set atop of a smooth and sleek lower layer of more length and clear definition. Enhanced by the dark and light metal tones the play of motion and form is very artistic and modern.
The bangs sit low, cover his eyebrows and only have a light texture in their ends. The lighter tones of the color were mostly applied in the shorter top layers to create a visual separation.
Hairstyles & Make-up: J.7 artistic team
Styling: Nicole Czapalla
Outfits: SIOK / Carlos Guevara
Photography: Vlado Golub
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