Hairstyles, Hair Care & Fashion

Various Hairstyles by Jean Claude Aubry

  • easy pixie
  • short hair with motion
  • brunette curls
  • large vintage curls
  • brown hair with red tips
  • textured page boy cut
  • soft bob
  • short forward jutting hair
  • undercut hair
  • fuzzy hair
  • bob with bangs
  • short plunging bob
  • silver shag
  • daring long shag
  • hair with liquid waves
  • bouncing curls
  • effortless long hair
  • long angled bob
  • simple long hair
  • long hair for men
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From the boardroom to the gala event Jean Claude Aubry makes sure that you hair is dressed in the most stunning and mesmerizing way. This overview over the Aubry signature style covers the entire range of moods and personalities.
Modest, calm, rebellious, glamorous and timelessly elegant. It is all there. Tomboys and divas are well represented just as the elfish fantasy beings and modern urban women. There are just as many colors as there are fantastic cuts. Some more natural than others and all are bold and memorable.
Hair: Jean Claude Aubry Community
Photography: Nicolas Buisson