Chocolate Chic by Lisa Shepherd

Chocolate hair colours
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It's all in the tone!
To understand Lisa Shepherd's hair color choices, you have to allow yourself to forget traditions of being either blonde or brunette. It isn't about light or dark, it is all about tone.
Choosing hair colors that are made up of the same tone will ensure that you can use several colors together. The tone she recommends in this collection is a sort of in between warm and ash. It is a very understated tone that many people think is boring. However, when used well these colors can bring real beauty to hair.
The tone is bitter!
Bitter is cool, but not ash, rich but not warm. Bitter hair colors are neutral but not flat, they flatter all skin tones and create a perfect base.
What are the colors?
The tone is bitter, but Lisa Shepherd has chosen six colors that range form dark to light. These hair colors are the ones that you would expect to see in a box of chocolates!
- Bitter Dark Brown: sultry and rich.
Dark brown hair
- Bitter Chocolate: rich and chocolaty, need we say more?
Chocolate brown hair color
- Bitter Chestnut: chestnut but with the warm edge removed.
Chestnut hair color
- Bitter Caramel: imagine melting caramel in a pan.
Caramel color hair
- Bitter Beige: so neutral, light and not too gold.
Long beige hair
- Bitter Blonde: pale and creamy without a hint of yellow.
Creamy color for short hair
Mix them up
These colors are designed to be mixed. All the hair colors can appear on one head of hair! Blondes are updated and given depth and texture by adding Bitter Chocolate and Bitter Chestnut. Brunettes are brightened and given a flash of interest by Bitter Beige and Bitter Blonde. So, don't think light or dark... think tone... think bitter... think Chocolate Chic!
Hair: Lisa Shepherd
Photography: Andrew O'Toole
Make-up: Kylie O'Toole
Styling: Emma Cotteril
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