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"Stylish and contemporary yet utterly accessible, this hairstyles collection from the Protégé team successfully takes emerging fashion trends and translates them into wearable, gorgeous commercial haircuts for salon clientele.
Working with the natural texture of each model's hair, the team has styled and finished the hair in different ways to create two looks for each girl that are both eminently wearable and eye-catchingly beautiful. It's all about being a thoroughly modern girl!

Megan Corby - Blunt Bob

Blunt bob styled for maximum volume
Blunt bob cut styled smooth
Stylist Megan Corby of Sheffield's Vanilla salon presents two hairstyles based on the same blunt bob cut. The cut features a sharply edged fringe that curves around the eyes and ends that are softened with a razor along the sides and back perimeter.
In the first photo, we see the hair styled for maximum energy and volume as it's kinked with a finely tuned wave pattern, directed out and forward into a halo. This look is edgy and exciting, but not for the faint of heart.
Photo two shows us the same haircut styled smooth to emphasize the clean edges and lines of the style. The smooth styling highlights the gloss, shine, and natural depth of the hair color.

Sarah Webb - Wedge-Shaped Hair

Naturally curly hair cut in a wedge shape
Wedge shape hairstyle fro curly hair
The styling of this ginger-haired beauty was done by Sarah Webb of Gillis Rowland Hair in Wolverhampton, UK. Ms. Webb created a wedge shape in her model's naturally curly hair to manage its volume.
In the first photo, the wedge-shaped hair is styled to balance the volume, creating a horizontally focused shape. With a soft parting down the center of the head, the hair is diffuse-dried to maintain some integrity and definition in the curl.
Photo two features a reworking of the hairstyle, directing the hair to the left side of the head to achieve an asymmetrical and almost topiary effect. Again, the hair is diffuse-dried, preserving the integrity and definition of the curl.

Pete Burkhill - Sassy Short Hair

Very short hairstyle with smooth super straight styling
Pixie with wedge-cut sideburns
From Leeds' Headlines UK, stylist Pete Burkhill presents this very short, sassy set of hairstyles. The base cut features a hard-edged fringe with a horizontal cutting line, wedge-cut sideburns, and contour-cut nape and back sections. The hair builds to a weight line along the parietal ridge, emphasizing the upper portion of the head.
In photo one, the cut is styled glassy-smooth. The super-straight locks gleam like silk, creating a polished style that is both androgynous and alluring.
Photo two showcases the textured pixie cut, highlighting the versatility of the style. Structuring paste adds volume, definition, and hold, allowing for molding as desired. The look is edgier yet retains a feminine charm.

DJ Clover - Feminine Looks

No-nonsense long hairstyle for a feminine look
Partial up-style with loose tendrils
Partial updo for long hair
In photo one, we see the hair styled simply. The natural wave is enhanced by diffused-drying and the application of a smoothing product to keep the wave intact and minimize frizz. The hair is center-parted, and the lengths frame each side of the face.
The second and third photos show the same cut styled into a carefully shaped topiary. Backcombing and maximum-hold products transform the natural wave into two hemispheres that join at the nape, forming a partial up-style that defies description. Two loose tendrils on each side of the face frame the features and maintain a vertical focus.

Fadima Yesildal - Chin-length Bob

Chin-length bob cut styled flared out
Chin-length bob styled glassy smooth and curving inward
Stylist Fadima Yesildal of Laurence Charles in Whetstone, London demonstrates there's more to versatility than meets the eye with this lovely haircut, which is showcased in two distinct looks. Based on a chin-length blunt bob cut with razor-cut texture, Ms. Yesildal utilizes a brow-length fringe and flair for color.
Photo one offers a sharper view of the classic bob. The ends are styled straight and flared out slightly to emphasize the cutting line along the perimeter. The deep-right parting is swept forward and across the forehead in a smooth arc to merge with the lines of the opposite side. The hair color is a cool black with light reflectiveness and a high-gloss finish.
Photo two shows the same cut styled for a soft effect. The hair is kept glassy smooth but curves inward in a highly organic fashion. The parting is a small point just right of center at the top of the head and radiates outward in a smooth flowing line. In this incarnation, the hair has been given a warm hue of color reminiscent of burgundy wine.

Wayne Daws - Short Contour Cut

Short contour cut with sides that fall to the bottoms of the ears
Short hairstyle with curls in the top and crown sections
Wayne Daws of Laurence Charles in Whetstone, London, presents the final Clynol Protégé hairstyles. These styles are based on a contour cut with mouth-length bangs, giving the haircut an almost mop-top quality. The sides fall to the bottoms of the ears and lower, while the back tapers down onto the neck in a smooth line.
The first photo showcases the hair styled smooth to emphasize the sleekness and shine of the golden color. With a deep right-side parting, the top section is swept forward and drawn across the forehead at a smooth angled line to merge with the left side.
Photo two features the hair amped up with curls. Carefully pumped into a mass of tight, coiling curls resting easily in the top and crown sections. The use of pomade and/or a misting of hairspray ensures definition in the curls and provides extra hold and stability to the look."
More Information: Clynol Protégé Team
Stylist: Clare Frith
Makeup: Liz Rochford
Photography: John Rawson
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