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  • long hair with tapering
  • hair with long and short elements
  • hair with spirals
  • big hair with curls
  • short hair with a longer section
  • pixied hair
  • blonde hair with pink
  • sassy short hairdo
  • bob look for men
  • mens hairstyle with curls
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Ready for a change? Then waste no time and visit your local salon! Bring a photo of your favorite looks and let your stylists customize them to your specific needs. The latest collection by Lluis Llongueras gives us a plethora of ideas for all lengths, colors and types. Medium long manes, long sleek layers or feisty short cuts are full of creative sparks which shall inspire you as well to be a little bolder and to explore the possibilities.
Enjoy the flashes of blonde, which illuminate warm, natural shades of color. Men wear their bangs a bit longer and in general the volume and texture increases on their heads. Besides all these beautiful hair designs Llonguera's main message is that what makes hair most beautiful is it's health and shine.
Hairstyles: LLONGUERAS
Photography: David Arnal