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Farouk Systems Hairstyles Collection

Bursts of color and the refreshing, fun shapes of the Ambience Collection by Farouk Systems are delightful and addictive. You just can't stop looking at them.
  • long hair with different styling options
  • flaming red hair
  • three dimensional haircut
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For their Ambience collection the creative Farouk Artistic Team brings us three new cutting and three coloring techniques. High professional standards and artistic minds come together and play with shapes and colors for the runway and for daily life. The result are neo classic shapes with straight and circular sections, arcs and soft corners, all rotating around a center in harmoniously flowing colors.
Ambience Styles have oval and round shapes, intense colors that are applied in a circular fashion. The collection was inspired by a lava lamp with its floating shapes that glow in intense and transparent colors, creating fascination reflections of light.
Just like a lava lamp sets the mood and brightens the atmosphere, the Ambience Styles make a woman radiate with vibrant energy and give her the famous yet invisible "je ne sais quoi."
The colors are applied in new ways, using a circular mode and Farouk's CHI Ionic colors that do not contain ammonia and come in bright, rich shades that blend smoothly and allow for a variety of exciting and innovative techniques.
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