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Refreshing hairstyles
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Bursts of color and the refreshing, playful shapes of the Ambience Collection by Farouk Systems aare delightful and addictive. You just can't look away.
In their Ambience collection, the creative Farouk Artistic Team presents three new cutting techniques and three coloring techniques. With high professional standards and artistic minds at work, they play with shapes and colors, crafting styles for both the runway and daily life. The results are neoclassic shapes featuring straight and circular sections, arcs, and soft corners, all revolving around a central theme in harmoniously flowing colors.
"Ambience Styles feature oval and round shapes, with intense colors applied in a circular fashion. The collection draws inspiration from lava lamps, with their floating shapes glowing in vibrant and transparent hues, creating captivating reflections of light.
Much like a lava lamp sets the mood and brightens the atmosphere, Ambience Styles imbue a woman with vibrant energy, giving her that famous yet elusive 'je ne sais quoi.'
The colors are applied in innovative ways, using a circular technique and Farouk's CHI Ionic colors, which are ammonia-free and available in bright, rich shades. These colors blend smoothly, enabling a variety of exciting and innovative techniques.


Long versatile hairstyle in an everyday version or with broad spiral curls
One haircut for different styles
Haircut with many styling options
Hair with broad spiral curls
Choose your mood and let your hair radiate the ambiance. Soft, rounded lines are cut in harmony with the natural flow and curve of the hair, resulting in a voluminous and versatile style. This haircut offers four charismatic dimensions. The everyday version features long, silky-smooth layers curled into large, regular waves.
The artistic coloring of the style is most visible here. Blonde highlights are applied to darker hair in a circular fashion around the crown as the focal point. Sections in a reddish tone appear in the fringe and on the sides.
As a variation, all the hair except for the bangs is wildly curled into smaller curls and waves, with the volume lifted to mid-height. With the help of styling products, these curls are well-defined and separated, strong enough to hold their position.
Using less product, some teasing, and effectively arranging colored strands around the face, this look takes on a softer edge. Broad spiral curls that cascade around the face like ribbons of chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon offer another ravishing look based on the same base cut.


Intense red hair color and a haircut with different styling variations
Flaming red hair color
An angel of fire with go-go appeal and a strong flavor of 1960s London showcases another impressive Ambience cut. The overall shape is oval, featuring diagonal lines and a slight asymmetry. The volume is controlled, with greater emphasis placed on the flow of the hair and its color.
A fiery red hair color, as intense as can be, is enhanced by applying different shades in both darker and lighter hues in broad sections and layers. The hair seems to radiate warmth from the inside out, giving off an irresistible glow.
Styling variations demonstrate the various facets this cut can express, ranging from fun, sporty, and modern to elegant, dynamic, and ultimately sensual and untamed.


Hair cut in layers and three dimensional for various effects and styling
Modern hair coloring and highlights
The art of hair cutting becomes tangible with this cut from Farouk's Ambience collection. The hair is layered to create a three-dimensional effect. Shorter, extremely smooth layers build solid volume, topped with longer, sleek sheets centered at the crown. The color is applied evenly, with various effects and styling options in mind.
The lower and upper layers of the dark base are adorned with streaks of hot berry pink and black. Depending on the direction of the hair flow, these highlights convey different patterns and feelings.
Styled from back to front, the lower layers dominate, creating a choppy and energetic surface. When styled straight down, the beauty of the long upper layers emerges in all their multicolored radiance.
For an especially extravagant look, the longer sheets are pulled together in front to form a high, sculpted forehead.
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