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Damien Rinaldo Hairstyles

  • chic hairstyle for busy women
  • volume for long hair
  • short gamine haircut
  • smooth shoulder-length bob
  • long cascading hair
  • undercut
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The Hairstyles Collection by Damien Rinaldo at Hair Machine in Adelaide, Australia uses rich color tones and deeply-textured wave patterns to create a selection of styles that are bold and alluring. Whether the styles are short and edgy, or long and full of volume, the waves and curls are cleanly-defined and make the most of the color effects used.
These are styles perfectly suited to today's woman - styles that would be perfectly suited to most any lifestyle lived by a woman who wants to look sharp and alluring. This collection is a true expression of "Ready-to-Wear" hairstyles.
Hairstyles: Hair Machine Adelaide, Australia