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The hairstyles collection by Damien Rinaldo at Hair Machine in Adelaide, Australia, uses rich color tones and deeply textured wave patterns to create a selection of styles that are bold and alluring. Whether the styles are short and edgy, or long and full of volume, the waves and curls are cleanly defined and make the most of the color effects used.
These are styles perfectly suited to today's woman - styles that would be perfectly suited to most any lifestyle lived by a woman who wants to look sharp and alluring. This collection is a true expression of "Ready-to-Wear" hairstyles.

Busy Woman Hairstyle

Short hairstyle for a busy mom or business woman
This is a short, layered haircut with deep-cut notching to create sharply pointed ends. The perimeter of the hair is a framework of outwardly turned points with a lot of bulk in the top and crown sections to plump the silhouette into a large oval. The hairstyle is ideal for softening the harder angles of the face in the chin and jaw, taking the face from a square and softening it.
The color is a deep, spicy auburn with fiery highlights threading through the curls and adding depth and dimension to the color and deeper textural looks to the cut. With naturally wavy hair or a creatively executed perm, this cut is perfect for the busy mom or business woman who wants a chic look, without hours of maintenance every day.

Long Voluminous Hair

Long voluminous hairstyle with satiny curls
This long, voluminous, voluptuous hairstyle resembles nothing so much as a lion's mane. The masses of large coiling, satiny curls are plumped and arranged to frame the face. The fringe is long and curled as well, creating a sweeping veil over the brow. The deep, coffee-brown hair color is subtly dusted with slight variances in color to give the hair a depth and vibrancy where others might only expect a matte finish.
The look is created easily with natural curls, but can be achieved with a blend of a wet set and ironed curls finished with a misting of spray laminator and smoothing serum dabbed between the fingers and combed gently through the curls.
This is not a "five-minute" look, but can be created and maintained with a minimum of effort by those who plan ahead and take care to protect their hair from the bed-head effect and friction frizz from bedding. If you want your long layered hair to look its absolute best, this is a great way to get that look.

Gamine-Short Hairstyle

Gamine-short hairstyle with supershort sides
Gamine-short, beige-blonde and boldly beautiful, this hairstyle is designed for the woman who is her own. The sides and back are possibly clipper-cut to achieve the super-short, smooth layers. The crown and top are left longer and are deeply notched into a crown of golden peaks.
The blow-dry style uses structuring product to ensure the hair stands sturdily, while the use of a pomade or paste gives the notched hair texture and definition. The color features tonal variations that mimic the "sun-kissed" look of summer hair. This is a look that may not be for every woman, but would turn heads for all the right reasons.

Shoulder-Length Bob

Shoulder-length bob with point-cut ends and smooth styling
The shoulder-length bob is the new modern style with fine texturing through point-cut ends at the perimeter and the fringe. This creates a soft look without sacrificing cleanly defined edges. The color is a rich, deep cranberry that gives the hair a cool, jewel-tone glow. The styling is blown out smooth and likely flat-ironed with a smoothing product and shine enhancers.
The finish is satiny but not stiff. This creates a stunning veil of hair to frame the face and act as a show-piece of its own. This is hair as a fashion statement. The style is perfect for any setting, while the hair color may seem too intense for more casual situations. However, you can achieve the color effect with semi-permanent color products and keep the style in a more subdued tone the majority of the time.

Smooth Cascading Waves

Long flowing blonde hair styled into smooth cascading waves
Lady Godiva was famed for her long, luxurious blonde hair. If she'd seen this hair, she would probably be jealous. The long, flowing locks are cut with a few layers around the face and styled into smooth, cascading waves. The color is a soft, beige blonde with golden highlighting threaded throughout.
The styling is probably achieved with extralarge rollers and a giant-barrel iron to tweak the style. Brush out the curl to form long soft waves and use a misting of hairspray to set the shape. The goal is full-lift and volume without a lot of actual curl. This is a style that will need a lot of work to maintain, but is worth it when you consider all the attention it garners.

Face Shape Enhancing Cut

Haircut to enhance the face shape
Here we have a cut that takes the smooth blunt lines of the bob and combines them with the contour of the bowl cut. The cut features a smoothly curving perimeter that enhances the shape of the face and caresses the turn of the neck.
The ends are slightly textured, and the perimeter lengths are undercut slightly to create the smooth inward turn of the hair. This helps to form the spherical silhouette that flatters an otherwise angular face.
The soft, warm, brown hair color is brightened at the forehead by slim bolts of blonde that brighten the face and draw focus to the eyes. The style is blow-dried with protective products (but nothing heavy) and a round brush, and possibly ironed smooth for the satiny finish seen here.
A light misting of spray laminator can be used to give added sheen and glow to the hair and to give a richer luster to the color. The style is obviously not going to suit every woman, but it will fit in with most environments as it is both simple and elegant.
Hairstyles: Hair Machine, Adelaide, Australia
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