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Texture is en vogue and the J.7 artistic team Cats Walk collection has it. Short and even some longer hairstyles are based on classic cuts like the bob, the pageboy and also the mushroom cut. With a modern styling, excellent harmony in color and a lot of texture, the beloved cuts come to new life.
Whether you need a practical and sassy cut for your everyday life or you are looking for a fashionable expression of your own creative spirit, the answer might just be in this collection.
Fringes are long, lines are dynamic and their velocity is heightened by the targeted application of color, which enhances the textural contrasts of individual sections in the cuts. Nothing is random in this celebration of hair and style. And there are even new ideas for men.

Chin Length Haircut

Chin length bob with layers for brown hair
Layers throughout this almost chin length bob come with a lot of texture all by themselves and give this look its lightness and its flirty energy. The long fringe is stylishly overlapped by the side section and draped diagonally across her forehead. A simple but beautiful styling.
The hair color is a medium brown that glows even warmer with the golden blonde highlights, which are dispersed all over the entire hairstyle. This is a great haircut for all occasions and it is very versatile so that you can wear it simple or full of glamour. The short haircut and collarless shiny blouse go together perfectly to create a stylish and sporty look.

Exposed Ears and Neck

Sweet short mushroom hairstyle with exposed ears and neck
This sweet and short mushroom hairstyle is gently undercut around the edges to have smooth transitions and flow. Some graduation in the neck and soft layering throughout are used to give it this adorable round shape. With her ears and neck exposed, the long fringe comes as a nice contrast.
This is enhanced even more through the layered application of hair color, created by dyeing several streaks in a warm brown on the cool blonde base. The effect of this technique can be compared to the surface of fine marble.

New Styling, New Expression

Pixie cut with the hair cut around the ear
The same short haircut as in the previous photo shows its versatility. Here the hair is styled more into the face and lo and behold the color takes on a new flavor as well as the entire expression. Here the pixie cut is more feisty and a hint more edgy.
This viewpoint also shows how perfectly the sides are cut with a meticulous line going around her ear.

Buzz Short Haircut

Buzz short neck and sides haircut for women
Ravishing color accentuates the bold contrast of lengths in this exciting new haircut. A buzz short neck and sides and topped by a wide top section of considerable length styled towards the front like a slow flowing river in the moonlight. The gleaming color of the top is created by contrasting fine platinum blonde with thin black lowlights, or vice versa.
The shorter parts look especially soft in a lilac kissed silver tone. Of course just two textures are not enough, and the fringe underwent its own treatment making it soft and just jagged enough.

Dynamic Short Hairstyle

Short hairstyle with exposed ears for brown hair
This short mushroomy haircut got woken up from its slumber by adding a dynamic swoosh to the fringe and a cute longer strand on the side going against the flow. The base cut is very much the classic with a round shape, exposed ears, a fine and perfect cutting line and a gently graduated neck.
The magic happened with an iron or a small round brush that pulled the side part of the fringe across the rest of it, thus creating a feathery texture. The dark brown hair color was highlighted with a warm gold in thin strands and in targeted areas.

Droplet Shaped Elegance

Short brown hair with as smooth undercut
A shape closer to the classic predecessor presents itself with elegance, poise and yet a modern twist. The short hair is smoothly undercut along the edges, which gives it a smooth and round outline with a sweet little curve. The fringe line actually starts at her right ear and forms a full curve, diagonally situated across her face.
In comes the hair color and with it the excitement. A reddish brown, almost a Bordeaux color was set against a deep black, just a small splash of the onyx is enough to turn on the heat here.

Hairstyle with Contrasts

Haircut with exposed ears and buzz-cut short sides
Contrasts bring life into a hairstyle and this one has plenty of it. Color, cut, texture and styling all are geared to make this look as interesting as possible. Out comes a unique, almost extravagant, but everyday wearable short haircut with exciting lines.
A long fringe, just a tad diagonal, seems to have its origin high on the crown, where it is overlapped by a section of hair less smooth and shiny. The sides, cut to surround the exposed ears with fine perfection are buzz-cut short and colored in a contrasting black which the rest of the style has a dark copper hue.

Make Hair Look Shorter

Short haircut with a fully exposed neck and a collarless shirt
This side view of the previous haircut shows the amazing use of geometrical shapes that give an unusual momentum to this short look. Roundness is key, but here the curves were pushed even further and seem to take on an own life. The balance of the angles is made even more prominent by the mix of textures and hair colors.
While the back and top are long, layered and textured, a peek-a-boo view reveals a millimeter short undercut area which is colored in a volcano black that contrasts the fiery copper on top. The silk collarless shirt and the fully exposed neck make the hair look even shorter than it is.

Same Cut, New Look

Short hair lifted up in a flip
Would you have guessed it? This truly uplifting style is the same short haircut as in the two previous pictures. The only difference is in the styling. Instead of combing all of the longer top hair towards the front it was treated for volume and then lifted up in a pretty flip. In the back more volume was added as well and the hair was styled with wispy ends.

Shoulder Long Hairstyle

Shoulder long fashion hairstyle with smooth layers
You can still see the stylistic remnants of a mushroom cut on the top part of this modern shoulder long hairstyle. The lower section is cut in smooth layers and styled to a frothy lightness with lots of wispy ends and even more movement.
An extra-long fringe shows texture in the tips and is rendered the focus point with is warm golden highlights on the dark brown base color. A little asymmetry in the cut and styling increases the movement.

Feminine Curls

Romantic hairstyle with large feminine curls
Large feminine curls spin their enchanting magic between her ears and just a bit below her shoulders. They stand out especially because the top part of this romantic look is all smooth and flat.
A high side partition allows the long fringe to be elegantly draped across her face. This fairy tale of a hairstyle found its perfect color in the very dark brown, almost black tone that is highlighted with a very subtle medium brown.

Handsome with Glasses

Men's hairstyle for wearers of glasses
Modern haircut for men
Men have many new choices for hairstyles and can choose between classic shapes or avantgarde looks. Wearers of glasses often wonder what looks best with their inevitable accessory. This haircut, even though it has a long fringe, works great with glasses, be they large or small, and it is one of the trendy modern classics as well.
A bit longer than the true classic cut, but also softer and very versatile. Note that the hair color and the color of his frame are just a few steps of darkness away from each other and harmonize perfectly.
Hair: J.7 artistic team
Make-Up: J.7 artistic team
Photography: Vlado Golub
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