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When it comes to where people are heading, New York is the place to be. With over eight million people residing in the New York City area, there's a great sense of style among its inhabitants. From artists, bohemians, poets, to other fashion gurus, everyone is striving to create their own unique style. New York offers fashion that is both distinctive and daring, making it incomparable to any other city in the world.
Each neighborhood in the city offers a different perspective. From the Lower East Siders pioneering new fashion revolutions to the punk rockers of the East Village, New York's fashion scene is celebrated for its diversity.
While fashion in New York is irreplicable, hairstyles are another defining aspect of its culture. After all, what is fashion without a great hairstyle to complement it? The 'New York Streets' hair collection is a diverse blend of hairstyles unique to the city, each embodying an independent style that individuals carry with confidence. Living in New York means learning to express yourself amidst its wondrous skyscrapers.
The Intercoiffure Mondial Hairstyle Collection stands out in its own right, capturing the essence of life in New York. Imagine the myriad groups of people in this city, each contributing to this collection of hairstyles.
The downtown hipster style is one of the current fashion revolutions featured in this collection, characterized by short cuts with a touch of class. This cut is both exciting and provocative.
Afro revival haircuts are also part of this collection. These cuts emphasize individualism within a city of trendsetters. The idea behind this look is simply anti-fashion, with men wearing their long hair in a bohemian style combined with a touch of rock and roll.
The purpose of this hairstyle collection is to push boundaries. It offers several styles that can be easily done at home, catering to those who are passionate about fashion. Providing a daring and rebellious look, this collection is sure to appeal to New Yorkers of all styles, allowing them to express their creativity not only through their clothing but also with their hair.

Fashion Afro Hair

New York hipsters hairstyle and an afro for a young man
These two downtown New York hipsters carry themselves with the confidence of any avid New Yorker. The young man sports an Afro hairstyle that is both long and thick. The young woman's hairstyle is long and slender at the sides, layered at the top, giving it a 'puffed' up look that is truly retro.

Rock and Roll Quiff

Rock and roll hairstyle and Elvis quiff
For those with a somewhat wild side, this rock and roll hairstyle is the perfect look. The young man has his hair styled into the ultimate quiff, a classic rock and roll look reminiscent of Elvis.
The young woman flaunts long and luscious brown hair, layered to achieve a slightly messy appearance, epitomizing the ultimate rock and roll 'do. While her style may seem disheveled, that's precisely the point.

Neo-Punk Haircut

Punk haircut for young women
This young woman sports the new punk look that's sweeping the streets. Her hairstyle is intentionally messy, with twisted strands on top to add volume. The layered short haircut is undeniably stylish as it falls gently around her ears and across her forehead.
Punk no longer signifies spikes and neon colors. This neo-punk look is both classy and messy simultaneously.

Rock Quiff

Rock hairstyle for men with long hair
Think of Elvis, then add soft, long hair in the back along with his rock-style quiff up front, and that's the style this young man is rocking. The essence of his hairstyle is to rebel against fashion trends, making it anti-fashion and giving him an eccentric and truly New York hairstyle.

Long Layered Bob

Long messy and layered bob haircut
This young woman sports a long, layered bob hairstyle that exudes strong movement with a touch of rebellion. The look offers a wavy and intentionally messy hairdo that effortlessly appears put together.
The chocolate brown hair color intensifies the overall look. Truly, this is a quintessential New York hairstyle, simple yet glamorous at the same time.
Hairstyles Photos: © Intercoiffure Mondial
Artistic Team:
Ann Bray - America
William Sasek - for Maximus Salon and Spa - New York
Maureen Doyle - for Maximus Salon and Spa - New York
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