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The Clynol Team brings us another unique twist in creative hair design. In "Shoot To Win" two stylists team up with one model to bring you two diverse representations of beauty. Each of four teams are working with wave and texture cut and shape to provide flattering and fundamentally sound styling.
The collection works with the blonde color palette in shades that range from a dark beige blonde to creamy pale blonde and shades in between. In many cases the contrasts come in the form of straight versus wavy styling, structured looks versus free-flowing styling, or in the variance of lengths.
All in all, the hairstyles are all attractive, flattering and desirable. These are the pinnacle of ready-to-wear hairstyles and are sure to be seen on the streets in the months to come.

Short Blonde Hair

Short blonde hair styled forward
Up-style with curl for short hair
Modern pixie for blonde hair
Short hairstyle with layers
Stylists Elizabeth Brierly and Amy Aitkenhead of Hair@Jibe in Carlisle, Cumbria give us two hairstyles in a single cut. The medium is a dense head of buttery-blonde hair of medium texture and lightly wavy natural movement.
Our first photo shows the short, layered haircut with textured ends styled forward in a blow-dry style emphasizing smoothness. The style features no parting and sweeping curves to add interest to the rounded silhouette. A dab of smoothing serum or pomade is used to create definition in the hair and to isolate strands.
The second look in this pairing is an elegant, frothy up-style for short hair that is big on volume. The hair is likely rolled in a wet set to create lasting curl and through a blend of backcombing and heat-styling the whipped confection of hair is derived. Use a stiff hold styling gel for structure in the roller set, and hairspray to cement the final arrangement in place.

Hairstyles for Milky-Blonde Hair

Milky-blonde hair styled with soft high-volume curls
Blonde hair styled in a platform of structured curls
In Thornton Hough, Wirral, you'll find The Hair Spa from whence Lorraine Ellis and Andrea Williams bring us their additions to the "Shoot To Win" collection. The hairstyles are constructed on a head of fine-textured, milky-blonde hair cut in a shoulder-length bob with light layering and a blunt fringe.
The first look brings a balanced style by combining sleek smooth styling in the fringe to highlight the clean cut line and glossy shine of the hair, with soft, high-volume curl at the sides to give a wider, fuller silhouette. The style brings focus to the eyes and makes the face seem smaller.
In the second look, the style is totally asymmetrical with a one-sided sweep of the hair from the right to the left and extending out into a platform of structured curls. The hairstyle is best crafted with a roller set using firm hold products to ensure maximum strength and staying power in the curls. Backcombing to cross the hair fibers, combined with liberal use of hairspray will give the hair the strength and integrity needed to hold up and let the style last.

Short Curly Hairstyles

Short haircut for narrow face shapes
Short haircut for a round face shape
These two hairstyles are studies in length and come to us from Vanessa Horricks and Sarah Green of VIP in Cheslyn Hay, Walsall. Both cuts and styles are crafted in pale, creamy-blonde of medium texture and curly wave. Both looks will want diffused drying and care used to protect and maintain the integrity of the curls.
The first style is a chin-length blunt haircut with a curved cut line along the lower perimeter. This creates the rounded edge and the elliptical shape of the overall style by allowing the bulk of the hair to peak at nose-level for horizontal focus. This makes this hairstyle ideal for narrow face shapes and angular features.
The second look is much shorter and more daring than its longer counterpart. The haircut is a wedge-based cut angling up from the nape area and increasing in length to the parietal ridge and fringe lengths. The majority of the bulk of the hair is focused on the top and crown areas of the head and creates added height in the style. This is a good choice for those with rounded or shorter face shapes who need an elongating influence.

Rope Braid and Fall of Curls

Blonde hair woven into a rope braid
Long blonde hair styled in a simple fall of curl
Starting from a base of long-layered, medium-fine hair colored in dimensional tones of buff, beige and tan, this dark blonde is a lovely canvas for stylists Anna Clinton and Haley Millington of K2 (Kameo) in Shrewsbury. The layers are razor-textured for soft finish and the color consists of a medium neutral base with pale highlights, soft lowlights and a few drops of golden threads throughout. The color technique is fine-grained, but prominent enough to make sure that the streaks of color accentuate the curls and waves of the hair.
In the first hairstyle we see that the stylists have added a classic style element to create an asymmetrical design. With one half of the head woven into a rope braid that is drawn across the top of the head in an "Alice band" effect, the left side of the hair is left to fall in soft, fluffy curls caressing the cheek. The fringe is styled smooth and sleek and swept gently across the brow to frame the eyes.
In our second hairstyle, we have the hair in a simple fall of curls. A small, off-center parting is the origin point from which the hair spills forth. The fringe is curved across the brow and around the right eye and the sides and back pour down in soft, rolling coils and curls. Note the difference in the curls between the two styles and how the curls of this style are more defined and intact, while the previous style had curls that are more frothy and diffuse.
Stylist: Rachel Fanconi
Make-up: Linda Andersson
Photography: John Rawson
Art Director: Sharon Peake
More Information: Clynol Salon Exclusive
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