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Clynol - Shoot to Win

The Clynol Team brings us another unique twist in creative hair design. In "Shoot To Win" two stylists team up with one model to bring you two diverse representations of beauty. Each of four teams are working with wave and texture cut and shape to provide flattering and fundamentally sound styling.
  • short hair styled forward
  • short hair styled up
  • high-volume curls
  • structured curls
  • curly chin-length haircut
  • short curly haircut
  • rope braid hairstyle
  • hairstyle with a fall of curls
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The collection works with the blonde color palette in shades that range from a dark beige blonde to creamy pale blonde and shades in between. In many cases the contrasts come in the form of straight versus wavy styling, structured looks versus free-flowing styling, or in the variance of lengths.
All in all, the hairstyles are all sexy, flattering and desirable. These are the pinnacle of ready-to-wear hairstyles and are sure to be seen on the streets in the months to come.
Stylist: Rachel Fanconi
Make-up: Linda Andersson
Photography: John Rawson
Art Director: Sharon Peake
More Information: Clynol Salon Exclusive