Soft Yet Strong by Headlines Elite

Hair with strong shapes
Mussed up, soft textures meet structured styling. This collection beautifully juxtaposes softly created hair with strong shapes. The combination of gorgeous hair with unusual silhouettes, along with black leather and metal touches, creates this soft yet strong collection.

Hair with Crimping

Hair crimped according to the 80s and 90s fashion
Starting with a head full of long, straight, medium-fine hair in a warm, ginger shade, the stylist departs from tradition by creating movement in the hair using non-traditional methods.
In the 80s and early 90s crimping the hair was in fashion and this is a similar principle using a two-dimensional tool to create sharp angles and bends in the hair's length. The result is an edgy, geometrically inspired look that is sure to have everyone talking about your hair.

Zigzag Hair

Loose up-style with the hair wrapped for a bending zigzag shape
Like the previous look, we have here a long-haired, ginger lady whose hair has been wrapped onto two-dimensional tools, creating a sharp bending zigzag in the hair.
However, this time, the hair is gathered gently at the nape of the neck to form a loose up-style and shift the visual focus from the vertical ovoid to the horizontal.
The two loose tendrils draping along the sides of the face help to frame the features and prevent widening the face too much.

Dark Curly Hair

Shoulder-length blunt cut with razor texture for dark curly hair
Start with a shoulder-length blunt cut and add razor texture for a choppy effect, along with a handful of interior layers. Next, apply medium-sized curls throughout the length and carefully comb out the result to preserve the integrity of each curl. The finished result is an edgier, rougher look that maintains a sense of rawness and spontaneity.

Mop-top Cut

Dark hair in an updo with an up-swept fringe
This style shows a dramatic twist on a mop-top cut. Starting from a base cut with a squared-off perimeter around the ears and down along the nape of the neck, the interior lengths are styled for maximum lift and volume to form a pseudo-beehive style with an up-swept fringe.
The rich, dark-coffee hair color is enhanced by caramel highlights at the tips of the fringe. The inner layers at the top and crown areas are backcombed and puffed up for volume while the surface layers are drawn over for a smoother finish.

Short Dark Hair

Short and smooth blunt haircut with a tapering fringe area
This photo shows us the basic structure of the short haircut used to create the style in photo four. As you can see, the hair is cut bluntly following the perimeter of the hairline on the sides and back, with a long, tapering fringe area. Shown here, the hair is styled for smoothness and to accentuate the edges of the cut.
The asymmetry of the fringe is enhanced by the angled drape across the left side of the face. The look is crafted by blow-drying with a firm hold product to give the hair extra structure and stiffness to create the points shown.

Ravishing Long Hair

Free-moving and ravishing long hair with large sweeping curls
Long layered locks in their full-bodied glory capture the essence of the look shown here. The style features short lengths that brush the chin and additional lengths draping to mid-chest. The tiers of layering are defined in stages to emphasize the look. For styling, the hair is curled into massive sweeping curls for volume and fullness, with loosely flowing tresses.
This is hair at its most romantic, free-moving, and ravishing. Use a smoothing serum lightly spread over the hands and passed through the hair to add a little definition and smooth out any frizz.

Inverted Bob

Inverted bob haircut with soft edges and a light airy finish
In what has come to be called an inverted bob, we find a new softness and feminine quality. This haircut is executed with a razor tool for soft edges and a light, airy finish. With pale, buttery-blonde, finely textured hair we see the use of flat iron styling to emphasize the glow and shine of the hair.
The sides follow a definitive cut line and a tapered nape counterbalances a long angle-cut fringe. The side parting is hidden by the blow-dry styling designed to give the whole head a "soft-focus" look.

Ripples and Waves

hair with a rippled effect
Of course, even the softest girls can have edgy days, and this restyling of the previous cut shows how you can take a soft look and add some strength and a whole new attitude.
To achieve this look, the hair can be wrapped on oblong tools or crimped in places along the lengths using a large-barrel iron to create the rippled effect.
In this style the waves are created to emanate from an angled side part on the left side of the head. The lengths wave across the top of the head to fall down the opposite side in tendril wisps.
Hair By: Katrina Ashton & Lisa Shaw @ Headlines Elite, Sheffield
Makeup: Aleesa Hall
Clothes: Rachel Fanconi
Photographer: Andrew O'Toole
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