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Evolution by BUNDY BUNDY

Art in progress - this perfectly describes the trend philosophy conceived by cult hairdressers BUND BUNDY. While BUNDY BUNDY is very well aware of the company's unique tradition, there is always a maximum of freedom for new approaches and evolution. Always true to this belief, BUNDY BUNDY just recently opened a new flagship salon which also served as the perfect venue for the presentation of the Trend Collection.
The BUND BUNDY artistic team used the new styling palace as an inspiration to create a never-before-seen interpretation of hairstyle trends for the upcoming spring. With the purpose of matching each room's unique ambience with a different hairstyle, the world-renowned stylists at BUNDY BUNDY conceived creations in the following areas: business, event and cocktail dress and hair couture.
  • strawberry blonde haircolor
  • bob with a long curved fringe
  • shag-cut hair
  • short curly hairstyle
  • extended fringe area
  • hairstyle with sweeps and curls
  • chic soft hairstyle
  • Medusan hairstyle
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The Cut Makes the Hairstyle
Free-moving hair has always been at the core of all efforts at BUNDY BUNDY. For the upcoming trend collection, this focus has been taken to the next level. Sophisticated new cutting techniques now allow for a simple haircut to become the starting point for a perfect business look.
Trendsetters consider soft-flowing cuts with bangs in disconnected style to be key to the hair fashion. This puts the style-conscious in an excellent position for achieving a truly endless number of hip hairstyles. Be it a sophisticated updo or a wild, romantic look with curls - it's up to you to choose.
The New Trend Colors
Gentlemen prefer blondes! Trend scouts visiting the world's fashion meccas in Milan, Paris and New York on behalf of the BUNDY BUNDY artistic team all came to the same conclusion: The spring season 2007 will definitely revolve around blond! Thrilling trend shades exclusively developed for the upcoming season include champagne blonde, reddish-gold as well as radiant Hollywood blond.
The secret to these shades lies in BUNDY BUNDY's unique highlighting technique employing up to ten different tones. If desired, nurturing treatments with laser and essential oils will give your hair additional luminous shine.
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team