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Simple fashion hairstyles
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"Art in progress" perfectly describes the trend philosophy conceived by the cult hairdressers BUND BUNDY.While BUNDY BUNDY is very well aware of the company's unique tradition, there is always maximum freedom for new approaches and evolution. Always true to this belief, BUNDY BUNDY opened a new flagship salon, which also served as the perfect venue for the presentation of the collection.
The BUNDY BUNDY artistic team used the new styling palace as inspiration to create a never-before-seen interpretation of hairstyle trends for spring. With the purpose of matching each room's unique ambiance with a different hairstyle, the world-renowned stylists at BUNDY BUNDY conceived creations in the following areas: business, event and cocktail dress, and hair couture.
The Cut Makes the Hairstyle
Free-flowing hair has always been at the core of all efforts at BUNDY BUNDY. For the trend collection, this focus has been taken to the next level. Sophisticated new cutting techniques now allow for a simple haircut to become the starting point for a perfect business look.
Trendsetters consider soft-flowing cuts with bangs in a disconnected style to be key to hair fashion. This puts the style-conscious in an excellent position for achieving a truly endless number of hip hairstyles. Whether it's a sophisticated updo or a wild, romantic look with curls - it's up to you to choose.
The New Trend Colors
Trend scouts visiting the world's fashion meccas in Milan, Paris, and New York on behalf of the BUNDY BUNDY artistic team all came to the same conclusion: The spring season of 2007 will definitely revolve around blonde! Thrilling trend shades exclusively developed for the season include champagne blonde, reddish-gold, as well as radiant Hollywood blonde.
The secret to these shades lies in BUNDY BUNDY's unique highlighting technique, employing up to ten different tones. If desired, nurturing treatments with essential oils will give your hair additional luminous shine.

Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde hair cut in a simple bob with box layers
In a style collection where simple haircuts are given dramatic life through color, we start with a real scorcher. This luminous strawberry blonde hairstyle starts with a simple bob cut featuring a wide fringe area cut at an angle and a few box layers to reduce bulk at the ends of the hair.
The cut is lightly textured with a razor to create a smooth finish, and the styling focuses on softness and silkiness in the look and feel of the hair.
A gentle blowout with a large round brush using plenty of protective products and smoothing serum leaves the hair malleable enough to move and manageable enough to look great even after running fingers through it.

Razor Cut Bob

Razor cut bob with a long curved fringe
With hair the color of sunrise on a winter morning, we see the simple razor-cut bob with the long curved fringe turn this spider's silk hair into a gossamer veil. The asymmetry in styling enhances the softly shaped curves of the style to balance the sharper features of the model's face.
With such finely textured hair, styling requires protection. Blow-drying with a diffuser and a large round brush, accompanied by leave-in conditioning treatments and protective products - but nothing too heavy, and you have to go easy on the styling products.
Style this razor-cut bob without heavy gels and too much spray. You want things to remain as soft as the whisper of angel's wings.

Choppy Blonde Hair

Starlet blonde hair, razor-cut in a choppy style
Say 'Hello' to the new incarnation of the blonde beauty. Shag-cut locks form the frame supporting the Hollywood Starlet Blonde color. Razor-cut to create a choppy texture, the styling is free and attractive. The hairstyle evokes the morning after an amazing night before.
Styling involves a blowout using a round brush and a texturizing product that offers a measure of styling and hold. Dry the hair to maximize volume and finish the ends by flipping them outward.
A dab of pomade on the ends of the fingers and stroked through the strands creates definition and accentuates the choppy texture of the hair.

Short Curly Hair

Short curly hair with tapering around the ears
Here we have a beautiful blonde style in the color of fresh cream, whipped into a confection of a hairstyle. The look starts with a short, layered circle cut, modified with shorter sides tapering around the ears.
The hair can be either naturally curly or rolled on medium-sized tools to create the volume needed. If natural, dry the hair with a diffused dryer and a vented brush to direct the hair up and back along the sides.
Use ample product to enhance the hold and shape of the hairstyle, and an extra dab after the style is set to add definition and reshape where desired. Mist with hairspray to secure the finished look.
If you're creating the curl along with the styling, brush out the set curls carefully, preserving the wave and movement in the top, crown, and nape areas. If you lose more curl than desired, a light misting of spray gel or leave-in conditioner and a gentle scrunch should reassert the curl. Just be mindful that too much moisture of any kind will kill the curl and ruin the effect.

Short Layered Haircut

Short layered haircut with the fringe area extended to the sides of the face
Smoldering like a Caribbean sunset, we revisit the strawberry blonde hair as the hairstyle is transformed into a short-layered cut with a defined weight line supported by smooth layering in a curved line below. The fringe area is again extended to the sides of the face, offering a wide frame for the features.
The styling consists of light blow-drying to create smooth curves in the upper layers of the hair, while the layers below the weight line are curled to maximize volume and widen the style. The upper portion of the hair may also be wrapped on very large rollers to create the soft curves desired, while the lower layers are wrapped on rollers of decreasing diameter to create a graduated level of curl as you go lower.
Once dry, the hair should be brushed out and styled into a softly flared arrangement.

Slender Curls

Bob with the ends styled into slender curls
Building on the razor-cut bob, this fine-haired look evolves into a careful arrangement of sweeps and curls. The upper section of the hair is styled smooth to follow the contours of the head, while the ends are carefully sculpted into knots and masses of curling ribbon tendrils.
These slender curls are ideal for showing off the luminescence of the golden blonde color. The light makes the hair glow while the shadow deepens the inner layers, giving depth and interplay to the varied shades that make up the color.
Use a blow dryer (diffused) to create the basic contours, and well-protected strands can then be sculpted using a large barrel iron for crisp, clean curls. Lightly mist with spray and scrunch for definition and a firm hold.


Short blonde hair with backcombing at the top
Here we see the short curly hair revamped from a fluffy confection into a smooth and creamy topping. Building from the previous base style - whether with natural curl or man-made - we add a little backcombing at the top front to maximize the rise and draw the outer layers of hair smooth along the shape into a chic, soft silhouette.
The lines are clean, the edges are soft, and the color is as pure and luminous as whipped cream. Mist the finished hairstyle with hairspray and draw the edge of a brush across the hair to give it structure and definition.

Medusan Hair Style

Short Medusan hairstyle with snaky curls
Once again, we see the rich, glowing color of the strawberry blonde hair and the short layered haircut, and the progression of the cut and style continues in this Medusan coif of snaky curls. The weight-lined cut with the lower layers is once again the base for the hairstyle we see here.
Most easily achieved with the use of rollers, this hairstyle can also be created using a curling wand (or wands of differing sizes for a natural-looking curl pattern). The curled hair should be gently backcombed for volume and gently arranged using a wide-tooth comb or pick and the fingers.
A light mist of hairspray, followed by gentle scrunching, will give the curls definition and allow you to mold and shape the hair gradually into the silhouette you desire. Use the longer tendrils in random spots as accent strands and accessorize the style to your satisfaction.
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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