Holyscious by Eric Léturgie

Simple hairstyles
Imagine soft music, candle light, the scent of gardenias in the air. This will put you in the mood for the new collection out of the salons of Eric Léturgie.
Soft styles with layers, gentle movement, simple and at the same time highly refined cuts invite you to take a break and a breath, to expand your heart and mind and dive into a world of global fashion and consciousness.
Open up your senses and allow new energy to permeate your being. All of that can be done with a hairstyle? Yes it can, if it is designed with this much balance and harmony of cut, color and styling. Perfect aesthetics for a new you.

Pure Black

Natural long hair with deep bangs
Long hairstyle with lightness and movement
Is it the shine of an onyx, the deep bangs or the layers with their swing that have this intoxicating effect? The magic of this long hairstyle is obvious and comes from the balance of all of these elements and the retro flair.
Natural and polished it thrills with the lightness of its movement and draws all eyes to her face, which is perfectly framed by the face hugging, curved sides. A surprising sprinkle of dark brown on the side brings warmth to the almost blueish black color. This style is as glamorous (think Cher!) as it is natural and earthy. Luxury created with a cosmic spark.

Golden Comb-Over

Medium length comb-over hairstyle
Hair with layers of colors
There is no part and there are no bangs, but there is a great amount of delicious movement and a new spin on the infamous comb-over. Eric Léturgie takes a leap with his interpretation of the done / undone looks that have become a mainstream staple over the last years.
The hair is sleek, layered in the lower perimeter and also layered in colors from dark brown to golden blonde. There are several levels of movement from a totally still and straight section deep inside all of the commotion, to the ravishing top hair which has a design and plan behind its chic random appearance.

Romantic Flip

Retro flip hairstyle
Hair with bangs and messy styling
Here it is! A rebirth of the retro flip without even looking vintage. A few layers, highlights and a delightful messy styling turn the classic into a desirable modern look.
The shoulder long hairstyle is curved out at the ends, which gives it its character and the layers at half length contribute all of this adorable wispy motion. The cuteness overload comes in with the bangs and their separated strands that cover her eyebrows and give her gaze a dreamy innocence.

Layers and Bangs

Hairstyle with layers
Hair with bangs that are separated in the center
The feather earring intensifies and mirrors the quality of her layered haircut. Dark and light brown strands dance around her face with much definition and fine tuned movement from back to front on top and straight down on the sides.
The bangs are separated in the center where they open in a little triangle and it is the texture, encouraged by a bit of modeling cream, that lends a very rock chick character to the shoulder long hairstyle.

Global Styling

Hairstyle with pig tails
Hair for a colorful and playful look
A mosaic of global influences from the tribal poncho to the feather earrings and the expressive neo tribal make-up to the eclectic elements that make up this multifaceted hairstyle. A retro quiff meets pig tails and in between are decorative twists of small strands to give structure and adornment to the sides.
This colorful and playful look is a symbol of all that is connected in our times. It makes us understand that rules of style are a thing of the past and any combination, any mix of styles can be inspiring if done with an outburst of passionate imagination and a sense for proportions, composition and texture.
Production: Eric Léturgie
Hair: Eric Léturgie & Yannick Léturgie