Hairstyles, Hair Care & Fashion

Holyscious by Eric Léturgie

  • natural long hair
  • comb-over hairstyle
  • flip hairstyle
  • layers and bangs
  • global hair styling
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Imagine soft music, candle light, the scent of gardenias in the air. This will put you in the mood for the new collection out of the salons of Eric Léturgie.
Soft styles with layers, gentle movement, simple and at the same time highly refined cuts invite you to take a break and a breath, to expand your heart and mind and dive into a world of global fashion and consciousness.
Open up your senses and allow new energy to permeate your being. All of that can be done with a hairstyle? Yes it can, if it is designed with this much balance and harmony of cut, color and styling. Perfect aesthetics for a new you.
Production: Eric Léturgie
Hair: Eric Léturgie & Yannick Léturgie