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Wiosna Lato 2008 (Spring Summer)

This collection from Akademia Berendowicz & Kublin is a tribute to "Old School" glamour and beauty. Classic hairstyles are given bold new twists by using geometric shapes in the styling.
Traditional styling techniques such as finger-waving and roller sets are applied to modern hair designs to create neo-classic styles with an edge of the modern form.
  • roller set look
  • wet set
  • shoulder-length bob
  • haircut for a long face
  • short hair with finger waves
  • short hair with barrel curls
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These looks are wearable in certain situations and contain base styles that can be worn every day, making them ultimately versatile. The colors are all natural and rich in gold and brown shades with just a hint of auburn warmth.
Hair: Berendowicz&Kublin Academy of Hair Design
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