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Classic inspired hairstyles
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This collection from Akademia Berendowicz & Kublin pays tribute to 'Old School' glamour and beauty. Classic hairstyles are given bold new twists by incorporating geometric shapes into the styling.
Traditional styling techniques such as finger-waving and roller sets are applied to modern hair designs, resulting in neoclassic styles with a modern edge.
These looks are wearable in various situations and feature base styles suitable for everyday wear, making them ultimately versatile. The hair colors are all natural and rich in gold and brown shades, with just a hint of auburn warmth.

Roller Set Look

Roller set look hairstyle achieved through a wet set
Classic pageboy hair with roller set curls
The classic pageboy look is elevated to high art through the application of geometrically enhanced curls. The roller-set look features long edges and sharper bends, implying the use of triangular or cubic styling tools. The long-layered haircut allows for even distribution of volume throughout the style, keeping it balanced while adding tremendous visual interest.
The hairstyle was likely achieved through a wet set with firm-hold product, dried under a hooded dryer, and carefully combed out to retain the shape on the top and sides. A misting of hairspray would smooth the hair and allow it to be directed into the sculpted configuration shown.
The lower portions of the hair at the back and nape areas show signs of smaller tools being used to create more curl, adding volume where there was less bulk of hair.

Shoulder-Length Blunt Bob

Shoulder-length bob with ripple styling
Bob haircut for a long face
This shoulder-length, blunt-cut bob is a classic style, complete with a hard-edged horizontal fringe. The ends are softened slightly with a razor for texture, but the main twist lies in the styling. While the majority of the style boasts smooth, straight, and glossy finishes, the stylist added a ripple - two, in fact.
The wave pattern consists of two swells and a dip in between, creating a focal point that draws the eyes along the horizontal plane at eye and cheek levels. These elements add breadth to an otherwise elongated face and help to maintain an oval silhouette.
The look was most likely achieved by using a blowout and flat iron to create the base smoothness, with the addition of a waving iron to create the bends in the targeted areas.

Upturned Barrel Curls

Short hairstyle with finger waving and barrel curls
Short hair with upturned barrel curls
Here we have a modern asymmetrical hairstyle created using finger waving techniques. The short haircut features layering at the ends of the hair, an off-center part, and sleek styling on the passive side. The dominant side has been styled into a series of smooth curves and ridges, finished at the ends with upturned barrel curls.
Once the style was set, a comb and soft bristle brush were used to soften the waves and ridges, and loosen the curl slightly to allow movement and bounce. The rich golden blonde color is enhanced by the smooth styling, while the highlights add glints of sparkle to a satiny glow.
Hair: Berendowicz&Kublin Academy of Hair Design
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