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Dynamic hairstyles
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Farouk's team defines art as making the invisible visible. With this motto, they transform hair into creations that reveal the unknown facets and invisible beauty of women.
PPassion is the key ingredient behind their amazing creations. Traditional adjectives fall short in describing their hairstyles. Words like innovative, breathtaking, elaborate, stylish, extravagant, revolutionary, impressive, intense, and colorful cannot fully capture the impact of Farouk's creations. They are simply beautiful.
Works of art often emanate a certain energy that resonates with the onlooker and admirer. This is certainly true for the glamorous and dynamic Farouk styles crafted by their highly inspired and passionately creative team.
The collection 'The Look' was inspired by the shapes of the earth as seen from a high-altitude airplane. The curves of rivers, geometrical shapes of fields and streets, along with the changing color schemes of nature across seasons and locations, have laid the foundation for a collection of wearable art.
These stimulating and vivacious styles are glamorous, filled with intriguing texture, and boast versatility and vibrant colors. Created with innovative techniques and Farouk's own successful line of nourishing hair products and colors, such as CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Color and superior CHI styling tools.

Glam Look

Hair with a contrast of red, copper and black colors
Beautiful contrasts in shapes and colors make this style stunning. Large curls cascade down the back and sides of the head like a wreath, featuring hues of red, copper, and black.
The bangs sleekly slide to the height of the eyebrows in a striped pattern, forming a straight line with rounded edges that effectively frame the face.
The curls have been gently tousled through kneading and teasing, with thin, longer strands dramatically flowing down to the shoulders.

Sheer Look

Deep brown hair with purple sections
Spicy bright red hair color
Sheer Look Colors are so bright they seem almost transparent. Shapes inspired by nature are crafted into hair with the intensity of a volcanic eruption. The hair is layered, with longer strands structured and trimmed to cascade down the back like a glowing veil of liquid lava.
The base color is a deep brown, complemented by purple sections and breathtakingly bright coral strands resembling lava

Mod Look

Black hair with pink stripes
Helmet shape haircut
This haircut showcases the versatility of Farouk styles like no other - from a sleek mod style to a bird of paradise version. The hair is cut into a helmet shape with a light diagonal front and rounded transitions from fringe to the sides.
A few longer sections on one side and in the back catch the eye, but the real drama comes with the color. Bright pink-coral stripes are foil-colored onto the black base, becoming a well-positioned part of this artistic creation.
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