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The Look

Farouk Systems Hairstyles Collection

Making the invisible visible is the definition that the Farouk team gives for art. With this motto they transform hair into creations that bring out the unknown sides and the invisible beauty of women.
Passion is the key ingredient to amazing creations. The usual adjectives fail to describe their hairstyles. Innovative, breathtaking, elaborate, stylish, extravagant, revolutionary, impressive, intense and colorful cannot fully describe the effect of the Farouk creations. They are simply beautiful.
  • stunning hairdo
  • bright haircolor
  • mod haircut
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Works of art often exude a certain energy that attaches itself to the onlooker and admirer. This is the case with the glamorous and dynamic Farouk styles that the highly inspired and passionately creative team has developed.
The new collection "the look" was inspired by the shapes of the earth when seen from an airplane at high altitude. The curves of the rivers and the geometrical shapes of fields and streets together with the color schemes of nature that are changing with the seasons and the locations have laid the seeds for a collection of wearable art.
The stimulating and vivacious styles are glamorous, full of interesting texture; they are versatile and very colorful. Created with innovative techniques and Farouk's own successful line of nourishing hair products and colors, as the CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Color and the superior CHI styling tools.
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