"Sirens" by Aldo Coppola

Hairstyles with lightness and scarves
The legendary Sirens who lured men into danger gave this collection its name, which is perfectly descriptive for these beautiful hairstyles that ooze feminine power.
Silk scarves are woven into softly falling long hair, which is also defined by buns, accent strands and feathery volume. The lightness of these styles is alluring, the colors mesmerize with their stellar shine and soft intensity.
No sharp lines disrupt the dreamy quality of the hairstyles. Movement and light are captured to create pure hair magic. Strong and confident despite the gentle shapes of the design.

Wrapped Silk Scarf

Shiny silk scarf wrapped around the head
A wonderful way to empower your look and to quickly turn your hairstyle into a look with an extravagant and ultimately festive touch, is to wrap a shiny silk scarf around your head. This works with hair of all lengths and looks especially intriguing with a wavy bob.
The teal color makes a great contrast to her dark blonde hair. The scarf was bound to a large bow that sits deep on one side. To balance the weight, the other side boasts a mass of seductively messy, wavy and curly hair.

Romantic Wrap

Hairstyle with a bun and a wrapped silk scarf
A hairstyle fit for a princess. Simplicity meets finesse with a demure center part and loosely draped long hair, bound to a shockingly beautiful bun, which again features a wrapped silk foulard. This style has many elements, each one spectacular, and all together they create an image of romance but also of strength.
The strictness of the styled back top hair is softened by all of the flowy strands and especially the two long accent "sideburns" that were created in front of her ears and pass her clavicles with large curls as a final statement. Choose a scarf color that is close to your hair color for a very harmonious and luminescent appearance.

Side Bun with Silk

Silk scarf woven into hair
A simple piece of silk can make such a huge impact when woven into your hair! The silver, mother of pearl surface of the fabric enhances the shine of her hair and illuminates her face. Festive glamor like this takes a little effort, but this playful display of feminine beauty is more than worth it.
The hair was brought over to one side and loosely wrapped in and around the long but narrow scarf which was then tied to an attractively messy bow. Allow some strands to run free around the face.

Feathery Layers

Soft medium length hairstyle with layers
It does not get much softer and flattering! Simplicity of shape is coupled with long feathery layers that exude a playful and sensual joy. The core is a bob style with textured ends and a longer section of thin wispy strands that tease with their soft movement around her neck.
A center part and a symmetrical fringe that is curved to both sides and accentuated by a lighter shade of brown open up her face.

Timeless Volume

Ageless hairstyle with movement and volume
These layers are made to last through many winters, trends and birthdays. Ageless and timeless with movement and volume that is sexy and flattering for women of all decades. Messy elegance in shades of blonde bases its success on an impeccable cut with a wild and voluminous styling.
This is a hairstyle that wants to be touched and played with. The more the better. Her face is framed by an oval opening between the long bangs and the tapered sides. Shake it up!
Hair: Aldo Coppola