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"Sirens" by Aldo Coppola

  • hair with a wrapped silk scarf
  • hair with a bun and a scarf
  • side bun with a silk scarf
  • hair with feathery layers
  • ageless hairstyle
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The legendary Sirens who lured men into danger gave this collection its name, which is perfectly descriptive for these beautiful hairstyles that ooze feminine power. Silk scarves are woven into softly falling long hair, which is also defined by buns, accent strands and feathery volume.
The lightness of these styles is alluring, the colors mesmerize with their stellar shine and soft intensity. No sharp lines disrupt the dreamy quality of the hairstyles. Movement and light are captured to create pure hair magic. Strong and confident despite the gentle shapes of the design.
Hair: Aldo Coppola