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Black and White by BUNDYBUNDY

BUNDYBUNDY's latest trend collection
In 2006 the world of fashion is dominated by contrasting looks. Marc Jacobs, Comme des Garcons, Karl Lagerfeld, Victor & Rolf and Armani have one thing in common: they all work with the dynamics of black and white, oscillating between innocence and the mythical, sometimes frivolous facets of life. A BUNDYBUNDY woman is sure to indulge in all these aspects - this multifaceted collection is dedicated to her. The highly innovative cutting techniques give BUNDYBUNDY's female customers the freedom of choice between a straightforward business look, a trendy styling or the diva look.
"Hairdo in progress" is the motto BUNDYBUNDY has just adopted: to deserve its name, every haircut must allow for a minimum of three different hairstyles! As Gertrude Stein might have put it: a bob is not a bob is a bob. Come on and join us - BUNDYBUNDY is throwing all conventional hair stylists' rules overboard! Nothing is impossible. BUNDYBUNDY is turning the industry's practices upside down.
  • short circle cut
  • short hair with a lot of volume
  • bulky fringe area
  • smooth shoulder length hair
  • red curls
  • ginger hair
  • chestnut haircolor
  • hairstyle
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BUNDYBUNDY's trends in cutting techniques
How to adapt the sixties look for the year 2006 - that was the question. In view of the latest hair mega-trend, the young and dynamic BUNDYBUNDY artistic team, headed by Hannes Steinmetz, dug into our corporate archives: it was back then that celebrated world-champion hair stylists Hans and Georg Bundy made an international name for themselves with innovative ideas and styling. Staying true to their belief in constant change, the new trend collection 2006 only vaguely resembles the design used back then.
Unlike in times past, layered and asymmetrical bobs and pageboy cuts now have a softer touch and the hair's natural volume is enhanced by supreme cutting techniques. However, these haircuts have clean lines and therefore translate the intense and stylish sixties look into today's world. Here's an interesting tidbit: Hans and Georg Bundy's couture concepts came to stay for more than four decades.
BUNDYBUNDY trend colors and hair care
In Austria and beyond, BUNDYBUNDY is always on the cutting edge of style. Therefore, BUNDYBUNDY's hair artists always strive to enhance each and every customer's innate beauty instead of suggesting a total changeover that might soon be out of style. For the 2006 season, BUNDYBUNDY suggests emphasizing your hair's natural color with top-of-the-line coloring products, transforming an average red hair color into a stunning copper red and a boring brown into a luminous chestnut. The latest trend in hair coloring at BUNDYBUNDY is called Colorpainting. We use up to six different shades of color to achieve a highly personalized coloring offering a uniquely fascinating look.
And here's more pleasant trend news from the world of BUNDYBUNDY: BUNDYBUNDY women are rediscovering the sixties hype in all its aspects: hair care, blow-drying and styling. There has been a growing number of customers asking for a unique "couture" hairstyle to honor special occasions. Elaborate hairpieces are requested frequently, and sometimes, customers ask for trendy hair extensions. Not surprisingly, BUNDYBUNDY salons are Austria's prime address for getting that extra special look.
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team