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Ladies Cut & Colour

Hair Machine of Adelaide, Australia introduces their "Ladies Cut and Color" Collection which showcases the strongest elements of women's hairstyles.
  • seventies wings hairstyle
  • long single-length haircut with rounded fringe
  • long hairstyle with lift
  • hairstyle with very long fringe
  • long curly hairstyle
  • undercut bob
  • textured bob
  • razor cut for long hair
  • frayed ends hair
  • choppy pixie hairstyle
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The primary looks of these styles range from maximum volume to silky-sleek and include everything from stick-straight to full-on curl looks. The color is just as much a feature with rich, natural bases granted depth and dimension by subtle, enhancing highlights. The colors are flattering and vibrant without being overtly bold or overpowering.
The combination of these elements gives us a collection of hairstyles that are well-suited to most every woman's lifestyle.
Hairstyles: Hair Machine Adelaide, Australia