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Flattering hairstyles that suit most women
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Hair Machine of Adelaide, Australia, presents their "Ladies Cut and Color" collection, showcasing the finest elements of women's hairstyles.
The primary styles range from maximum volume to silky-sleek, offering a spectrum from stick-straight to full-on curls. The hair color is equally noteworthy, with rich, natural bases enhanced by subtle highlights for depth and dimension. These flattering and vibrant hues are striking without being overly bold or overpowering.
This combination results in a collection of hairstyles perfectly suited to almost every woman's lifestyle.

Seventies-Inspired Hairstyle

Seventies inspired wings hairstyle with flipped back styling
What we have here appears to be a seventies-inspired hairstyle featuring layers around the face and flipped-back styling. In my youth, we referred to these as 'wings,' a trend that has resurfaced frequently over the decades.
Overall, the hair is kept long, extending several inches below the shoulders, while the layers along the front perimeter frame the face, emphasizing its oval shape.
The color is a dark, toasted brown with soft threaded highlights that enhance the sweeping curves of the side wings.

Fringe with Rounded Corners

Long single-length haircut with a rounded fringe
Here we have another long hairstyle characterized by a predominantly single-length haircut. The fringe is cut horizontally with rounded corners to complement the curvature of the eyes, while the forward lengths around the face are smoothly layered. All perimeter lengths - from the fringe to the nape area and on each side - are razor-cut for a smooth texture.
The fringe receives a light treatment, while the sides and longest lengths are more steeply textured for a lightweight finish. The styling is smooth and straight, with an emphasis on maintaining softly defined edges. The color is a rich, dark-coffee brown with caramel-toned highlights around the face, creating striations that draw vertical focus.

Long-Layered Haircut

Long-layered haircut with curls and a deep blunt cut fringe
Fringe or bangs with a curving cutting line
This long-layered haircut features a weight line at eye level, with steep layering and texturing below that line. The fringe area is deep and bluntly cut along a curving line at the same eye level.
The hair is styled to add lift at the scalp and smoothness along the top, crown, and sides up to the weight line. The lengths below the weight line are styled for high volume, with large, coiling curls forming thin tendrils. The color is a rich, chocolaty brown with very subtle milk-chocolate highlights.

Long Fringe

Haircut with a long fringe styled in a curve swinging across the eyes
This golden blonde look begins with a layered, almost shoulder-length haircut featuring a long fringe. The fringe is deep, extending nearly the entire top section forward. The ends are steeply point-cut for a softer finish.
Styling involves smoothly directing the top/fringe section forward in a sweeping curve, allowing the ends to swing across the eyes. The sides, crown, and back are styled into medium-sized curls for maximum volume horizontally.
The hair color is a dark golden blonde with pale golden highlights, creating variable-width bends of light throughout the head.

Long Curly Hairstyle

Curly look for long hair with layering
Here's another long, layered hairstyle featuring an all-over curly look. The cut includes balanced layering and an angled fringe with feathered ends. The hair is styled for full volume, with medium-sized curls throughout, although the curls at the bottom of the style are drawn out and elongated.
If the curl is natural, achieving the look involves judiciously applying diffused blow-drying and scrunching/pulling with a light-hold product. Without natural curl, you can use medium-sized appliances or rollers to create the desired curl and manipulate them as desired.

Razor-Cut Bob

Sleek bob with textured ends and undercutting along the sides and nape
This chic, sleek hairstyle is a lovely razor-cut bob with smoothly textured ends and undercutting along the sides and nape sections of the perimeter.
There is no definitive fringe, and the hair is parted on the left side, cut to maintain the dominant and passive sides. Styling involves a blow-out with flat-iron smoothing.
The hair's golden blonde tone is intricately threaded with micro-thin highlights of pale beige.

Bob with a Choppy Effect

Razor-cut bob hairstyle textured for a choppy effect
Razor-cut bob hairstyle textured for a choppy effect
Another razor-cut bob is created and textured to achieve a choppy effect. The fringe is cut at a steep angle, and the forward portions of the sides taper sharply to the full side lengths. All the hair is deeply textured to form wispy ends.
Styling involves a blow-out using a texturing product, likely a wax-based mousse or paste, along with a flat brush. The hair may be finished using a flat iron to create a smooth look and slightly out-turned ends. The texturing product will also allow for the creation of defined tendrils as shown.

Long Razor Cut

Long razor cut hair with a very long fringe area
This long razor cut features a smoothly curved and very long fringe area, along with deeply razor-cut ends. The hair is styled using what appears to be a blow-dry method for smoothness and features an angled, far-right side parting.
The color is a neutral-based dark coffee brown with "fade-in" highlights on the ends of the fringe and the leading edge of the right side hair. This creates a softly blending color shift that gives the illusion of additional transparency in the fringe hair.
While the look is ideal for many women, it would require a fairly time-intensive styling routine for daily wear.

Hair with Frayed Ends

Heavily chipped hair with frayed ends
Warm auburn tresses are layered into this wavy, leonine hairstyle. The fringe follows a subtly contouring line across the brows and is heavily chipped into to give that frayed look to the ends.
The style is built on a long blunt cut that is then layered with box layering to create a defined cut line at the lower perimeter of the hair. The look works exceptionally well for those with naturally wavy hair but can be achieved using large styling tools, gentle backcombing, and volume-enhancing products.
The color is a warm auburn with soft streaks of beige blonde to enhance the wave and movement in the hair. The style is ultimately versatile. The curl can be kept wild and ragged for an edgier look or crafted for a more tailored appearance if you desire a polished effect.

Choppy Pixie Cut

Gamine-short and choppy pixie cut with layers
Gamine-short, ginger-red, and edgy best describe this short, choppy style. The short layers are razor-cut and deeply textured for a choppy, randomized effect.
The color transitions deeply, with a dark base topped with ginger-red for warmth and glow, and yellow flares to mimic the effect of dancing flames.
To achieve the styling, simply blow-dry the hair using a texturing paste and a small brush to encourage maximum lift. Follow up as needed with a dab of pomade to define the ends of the pixie cut and provide added structure.
Hairstyles: Hair Machine, Adelaide, Australia
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