Private Gallery by Framesi

Italian hairstyles
Contemporary art found its way into hair fashion thanks to Framesi. The Private Gallery collection showcases major movements in fine art with glimpses into the abstract as well as into romanticism.
Shapes and color are combined in daring compositions with contrasts and balance.
New concepts for hair are born when the two worlds of art and coiffure collide. These cuts are suggestions to inspire us to venture to new places with our tresses.
Long and smooth, short and graphic or spiked - all cuts are changeable and vibrating with the sensitivity and elegance of Italian style.

Into the Blue

Brown hair with phthalo blue streaks
Short haircut with wedge shaped sides
Exciting short haircuts
Dark brown hair is the perfect canvas for the burst of phthalo blue that reaches from the back of her crown into the fringe. Combining an earthy and natural color with this cool hue of intense vibrancy results in an image of intriguing energy. All this excitement comes in a cut that could not be more stunning.
Short and textured it thrills with its wedge shaped sides and the strongly textured fringe. The symmetry of the main cut is delightfully disrupted by the diagonal placement of the curved bangs with their feathery thin tips. Androgynous, thrilling and changeable in its essence, this cut will bring out the artist within you.

Graphic Lines in Red

Short hair with cool and warm tones
Hair with a changing color pattern
Warm and cool tones cover the entire range from a bright scarlet to a tingling purple and turn this angled and very graphic style into a luscious play of light and dark. From the short graduated neck to the long fringe and the points on the sides our model's face is framed by neat lines with curves, texture, points and sharp corners.
A short hairstyle with much to look at. The color hair takes on a different pattern with every stroke of the comb or small brush and the possibilities to play with the directions of the hair and the resulting new strokes of color are close to endless.

Face Hugging Style

Brown hair with blue strokes
Hairstyle with longer neck sections
Expressive strokes of blue color look like they come directly from an artists brush. The same motion is followed in the arrangement and styling of the strands in the fringe and the face hugging sides.
Texture, movement and a subtle play of color make for a captivating composition with expressionist verve. Shorter layers on top bring out the round smoothness and aid with all of the opposite directions that are styled into the hair. Her neck is flanked by longer sleek sections.

Romantic Asymmetry

Bangs cut in a slanted line
Blonde hair with ravishing curls
This attractive blonde has not only ravishing curls to show off but a long haircut that includes a bit of Picasso's asymmetry. It is ever so subtle but once noticed deeply mesmerizing. The bangs are cut in a slanted line from the corner of one eye to above the eyebrow of the other.
Accent strands on the sides also have different lengths. The long cascade of curls is light and full of movement, accentuated by gentle highlights, which also illuminate the fringe.

Hedgehog Style

Hedgehog hairstyle with spikes for men
Exciting short haircuts
Those spikes look sharp! Gelled up to maximum lift the strands are separated, pointy and shiny with great hold. His sides are as short as hair can be and the length increases gradually without a separating line towards the top.
To style the damp hair was simply drenched in gel and lifted with a slight curve in the direction of the hair that gives it a regularity of pattern.

Modern Style

Men's hair with short clipped sides
Men's hairstyle with curved clipped sides
A curved edge separates the short clipped sides from the longer center strip on top. In addition one side also has a small curl that looks as a organic as a quick brushstroke with a passionate momentum.
The exact cut slightly becomes longer from the back to the front where it ends in a long asymmetrical fringe. This look has a vintage touch but also flavors of bohemian styles, a bit of rebellion and a lot of avantgarde.
Hair: Framesi