Twenty by KSFH

Hair for young fashionistas
From the catwalks to your hair. The inspiration of the KSFH designers always mirrors the current trends from the high fashion hubs around the world. In their own words this is "one of the most creative collections we ever did".
The use of color and the cuts with their layers, various textures, bold angles and also feminine locks shows that courageous, visionary hair artists were at work. Cool and warm tones of metallic hues are found next to each other in this line-up for young fashionistas.
Glamorous and tomboyish are not a contradiction and each expression can be styled on the base of one cut. We never feel the same way every day, why should we look the same...

Bob with a Corner

Bob cut with a sharp angle and unusual hair colors
Cutting corners can be this pretty! KSFH spruced up the classic bob by integrating a geometric element and asymmetry to the smooth lines. One sharp angle and about an inch of difference in the lower length on both sides has such an amazing effect. The modern appeal is heightened even more with an unusual combination of hair colors.
A cool fuchsia transitions like fine watercolor over a lilac to a soft blonde and these two blocks of color are contained in strong definition against the copper base color of the hair. Styled sleek to show off the minimalist artistry of this style. However, there are options as you can see in the following image.

Wild Styling with Brilliant Colors

Wild styling for pink with fuchsia hair
The wild styling of the previous bob does not put as much emphasis on the asymmetrical cut, but even more on the color. The hair was teased and ruffled so that strands stick up and out to all sides. The fringe section was taken back and now reveals the full intensity of the pink, fuchsia roots in the long bangs.
Together with the warm copper the hair resembles a bursting flame of fashion. It may take a little effort to make your hair behave like this, but you will have much fun with it and the reactions that you will get.

Undercut Extreme

Short bowl shape haircut with undercut hair
Indigo and platinum colored hair
Short and undercut hairstyle - back view
Blonde hair with red roots
The layers in this short haircut are not like any other layers you may have seen. They come in tree tiers of which the lowest one is a short clipped texture behind the ears and around the neck. This it topped by a bowl shaped cut with straight hair, cut in a blunt and very distinct line.
The thinnest layers are composed of long strands covering both lower tiers in their length with a see through veil of indigo and platinum colored hair that has contrasting red roots. Wearable art in every aspect.

Jagged Layers

Shoulder long hairstyle with jagged layers
Hair with super long bangs or fringe
Blunt and textured layers make up this shoulder long hairstyle that is a refreshing alternative to the iconic shag look. A long fringe and the mid-face long top layer are further embellished with bold streaks of a heavy copper color that stands out brightly against the dark backdrop.
The part is centered, but the fringe still swings to the side. A fun creation that has two very different sides. You can wear it in a more raw, tomboyish version or curl it up and go all out on glamour, as seen in the following example.

Curled Layered Look

Dark layered hair with curls and highlights
Glam it up! There is always a good time to get the hot iron out and put some luxury in your hair. Show off your feminine side and use the layers in your cut to create this dream of classy opulence. The highlights on the dark hair sit on top and put an extra fire into the curls.
Hair: Kristijan Petek for KSFH
Hair Color: Marco Beltram for KSFH
Make-up: Marco Z for KSFH
Photography: P. Marinšek
Powered by: Schwarzkopf Professional