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Hairstyles with character
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The 'Beauty Trends' collection created by Intercoiffure Mondial reflects the multitude of trends in fashion. It offers a variety of styles to meet every woman's demands, ranging from fashionable and modern to contemporary and classic.
The collection features a mix of curly, straight, long, and short styles. Hairdressers have showcased their creativity and talent by curating an eclectic mix of hairstyles, each with its own unique character.
The true spirit of woman is captured by this collection, skillfully blending the mood and values of today's modern woman. Drawing inspiration from lifestyle and atmosphere, these haircuts breathe new life into classic styles of yesteryear.
With as many varieties as there are women, each look can be worn daily or adapted for a special occasion. The shaping of these styles allows for movement and balance, making this collection a perfect reflection of today's generation of women.

Low-Maintenance Hairstyle

Low-maintenance hairstyle with hair that touches the shoulders
Haircut with tapered layers
Natural looks don't have to be boring, especially when they're as playful and fun as this one. Long tapered layers frame the face, and the side part adds to the diagonal trends.
The hair touches the shoulder in the back, and a gentle blow-dry over a round brush brings the ends outward for a delightful wispy look. It's a great hairstyle with low maintenance and definitely at the top of the trend list.

Bob Cut with Curls

Long bob with curls and side swept bangs
Mid-length hairstyle with curls and waves
Neat enough for the office and a lunch with the ladies, but also trendy and ready for the evening, wherever it may take you. A long bob with side-swept, generous bangs and airy curls that bring lightness and joie de vivre to the look.
Just style with your fingers, avoiding too much neatness, and mist some hairspray over the creation for longer hold.

Shoulder-Length Haircut

Shoulder length hairstyle with short layers above the ears
An untamed hairstyle with a nod to the 80s and a hint of the 70s. This mix of eras and styles couldn't be more fitting. Smooth, short layers above the ears transition into wild and fringy rockstar layers at the bottom of the shoulder-length cut.
The diagonal element also plays a significant role in this look. The hair color is muted and soft, drawing all attention to the face.

Gypsy Look Up Style

Hair styled up in a gypsy look with a huge bun
Pure opulence. The 'do of all 'dos. And, above all, it's easier to create than it appears in its knotted beauty.
The huge bun is made by looping, tying, and slinging very long hair on the top and upper back of the head, leaving some rebellious strands hanging out on all sides. A high forehead brings elegance to the untamed gypsy look. Let your creativity roam free!
Hairstyle Photos: © Intercoiffure Mondial
Artistic Team:
Carole Haddad - Australia
Markus Herrmann - Germany
Richard Calcasola - America
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