Evasion by Bruno Flaujac

Hairstyles for active people
Bruno Flaujac reminds us that we need to escape a little every now and then. His suggestions are two fabulous hairstyles for women and one playfully dapper look for men. The medium long and short cuts are sophisticated with an edge. Modern looks for active people with a developed sense of aesthetics and fashion.
The hair blonde colors want to lure us out into the sun, to exotic places and into a grand adventure. The energy is relaxed without pressure or the need for fierce control. With these perfect cuts the styling does not require much effort and the hair looks flawless under all conditions.

Multi-Blonde Layers

Hair with layers of blonde colors
Hair cut in an oval around the face
Dark honey blonde and a light beige blonde capture the sunshine in the hair. The hair color is applied in layers on the layered cut with the darker tone sandwiched in between the very summery light blonde. This brings enormous dimension to the hair and allows the pattern to change with every little breeze.
A perfect oval is cut out around the face and lets the curved bangs flow seamlessly into the sides, providing a perfect frame for her pretty features. The layers with their textured tips are long and she shows them off with a slightly disheveled styling and wispy ends curving up around the straight lower edge.

Slender Short Cut

Slender short haircut
Her expressive eyes become the focus with this refined, elegant short haircut. The longer hair on top is layered from within to give it movement and the nice rounded shape. Long side fringes are always flattering and this one moves from far on one side in an almost horizontal line across her forehead.
With the short back and exposed ears, her entire silhouette appears very slender and almost fragile. This look is a great choice as a career cut, but it definitely has a seductive side as well. This is enforced by the cotton candy platinum color and the lavender shimmer in the front.

Wild Control

Highlighted hair for modern men
A sensational combination of very neat sides and a wild streak expressed by the longer, wavy and highlighted hair on his crown convinces with the fine tension of its contrasts.
From his fine tuned and extremely controlled beard shape to the regulation cut short sides all the way to the scrunched and playful flirtatiousness on top, he expresses the many dimensions of modern men, who need to look their part in the office, but don't want to miss out when it comes to style and self expression.
Hair: Bruno Flaujac
Photography: Duy Ha Minh