Be Fabulous by XYZ

Male and female fashion hairstyles
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They love fashion. They express themselves and dare to show their uniqueness. With those women and men in mind, XYZ created "Be Fabulous," a collection characterized by well-defined geometric lines, rounded bangs angled towards the end of the forehead, concave contouring mixed with undercuts and cutaways, as well as "ascending diagonal" cuts in the nape of the neck.
The face gains smoothness thanks to delicate handling of coloring, a mix of base and subtle variation used to great effect. Want to be fabulous? These creations will transform you and inspire you to express yourself and exude true confidence!

Dynamic Bob Cut

Dynamic bob hairstyle with the ends pulled outward
Chic short hairstyle with rounded bangs
slightly slanted short hair style
She loves fashion and art. She is confident, active and knows the best places in town. Her hair is dynamic, chic, and pure. The lines of this bob shape are slightly slanted from back to front, where they meet the jaw line.
The bangs are slightly rounded and touch the eyebrows. The light blonde glows even more with highlights and is brought to a blinding shine with the right products. Style sleek and pull the ends outward for more movement.

Short Punk Hairstyle

Short hairstyle with a dose of punk and very short rounded bangs
Exciting short hairstyle with punk elements
A child of nature but with a refined and sophisticated attitude. She has a sense of nostalgia and is a fashion maven. This exciting hairstyle has elements of a late summer wheat harvest and a touch of avant-garde with a hint of punk.
The bangs are very short and rounded, crowned by a tiara of structured strands styled across the head. The base color is a rich copper enhanced with lighter and darker tones.

Fashionable Hairstyle

Fashionable hairstyle with different lengths and contrasting hair colors
Haircut with a combination of curly and straight hair
Hair as sculpture with elements of abstract painting is the way to go for this fun-loving, magical woman. A play with textures, colors, lines, and lengths comes together as an extravagant expression of style.
The back of the hairstyle is curly, and the front straight, featuring different lengths and wide strokes of contrasting hair colors in the diagonal bangs. Purple, blueberry, copper, and black leave a lasting impression.

Expressive Short Hairstyle

Expressive short hairstyle with short razor cut strands
Short razor cut hair with highlights
Expressive short hairstyle with rebellious sophistication. A look for a woman who doesn't ask for permission and goes her own way. The hair is razor cut into short strands around the head, with longer sections on the side.
Random longer tendrils ensure that this haircut is edgy and defies conventions. The color is a light berry purple sparkling with silvery highlights.

Fashion Hairstyle for Men

Easy to handle fashion hairstyle for men
Men's hair sculpted into thick curls
High on volume and unique fashion. The bulk of hair sits on top of the head and is sculpted into thick curls that reach up to the sky. The back and sides have shorter layers, forming a round contour with the hair styled away from the face.
This haircut leaves a lasting impression, and even better, it is easy to handle. A bit of product and the hands are all that's needed for quick and fun styling.
Creative Directors: Séverine Tieleman & Michaël Del Bianco for XYZ
Hairstyles: Michaël Del Bianco
Photos: Eveline De Mey
Makeup: Florence Van de Winckel
Stylist: Florence Hottois
Production: ©XYZ BELGIUM
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