Ideas for Pixie Cuts (14)

Are you thinking about making the big chop? The experience of going shorter can be very liberating! Pixie cuts are so versatile that anyone can pull one off. A good hairdresser can cut a personalized pixie that is perfect for your face shape and hair type! Say yes to pixie-short and get inspired by the below ideas for pixie cuts!
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  • pixie with curls and highlights
  • pixie style with a diagonal fringe
  • Shailene Woodley with a pixie
  • Shailene Woodley with her hair in a wetlook pixie
  • Coco Rocha with short slicked back hair
  • Jennifer Hudson with her black hair in a pixie
  • Shirley Jones - Pixie for older women
  • Jaime Pressly wearing her hair in a pixie
  • Pamela Anderson pixie
  • pixie cut with high precision
  • cool fashion pixie for blonde hair
  • short pixie with a full fringe
  • pixie with hair color contrasts
  • pixie cut with textured sides
  • pixie with the hair graduated in the back
  • pixie with pointed sides and bangs
  • blonde pixie with layers
  • pixie style with slicked back sides
  • short pixie with curls
  • pixie cut that opens up the face
  • very short pixie with a cropped neck
  • blonde pixie with sideburns
  • pixie with longer curled top hair
  • short and easy to manage pixie
  • pixie with clipper cut layers
  • super short pixie cut
  • pixie cut with angled sides
  • pixie style with razor cutting
  • pixie style for short red hair
  • more short hairstyles

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