Pixie Hair (5)

We love pixie cuts! Pixies are timeless, yet extremely modern. This short haircut is very versatile and can be wash and go today and dressed up professionally tomorrow. Do you want to give a pixie cut a try? Ahead are pixie hair ideas that will make you want to chop your hair short!
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  • Sienna Miller wearing a shaggy pixie
  • Rachael Leigh Cook with her hair in a pixie
  • Jennifer Lawrence pixiecut
  • Jennifer Hudson pixie
  • Jennifer Lawrence - Pixie with a tapered neck
  • Jennifer Hudson wearing a brown pixiecut
  • fashionable pixie with spiked up hair
  • pixie for shiny brown hair
  • pixie with sharp cutting lines
  • soft pixie for platinum blonde hair
  • practical and manageable pixie style
  • pixie with the hair styled out of the face
  • sporty brunette pixie
  • pixie cut for older women who are wearing glasses
  • practical pixie for mature women
  • pixie for older women with white hair
  • brown pixie with a short fringe
  • pixie with a short nape and sides
  • pixie hairstyle with buzz cut sides
  • bob styled to look like a pixie cut
  • pixie with soft spikes
  • blonde pixie with long floating bangs
  • short pixie cut for red hair
  • pixie style for short silver hair
  • blonde pixie with a curly front
  • pixie with volume and long bangs
  • pixie cut with ear length hair
  • pixie cut for hair with a golden shine
  • pixie with very short bangs
  • more short hairstyles

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