Pixie Hairstyles (6)

Are you adopting the “short hair, don’t care” attitude? Then a pixie cut might be perfect for you! The pixie is a true classic and wearing a pixie feels refreshing and liberating. Are you ready to cut your hair in favor of a more daring hairstyle? Scroll down for photos of adorable pixie hairstyles!
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  • Anne Hathaway pixie
  • Jenna Elfman wearing a pixie
  • Alyssa Milano pixie
  • Zelda Williams wearing her hair short in a pixie
  • Winona Ryder with her pixie cut
  • Winona Ryder pixie
  • Charlize Theron with super short hair
  • Charlize Theron wearing her hair in a short pixie
  • Nicole Anderson with a pixie
  • Miley Cyrus with very short hair
  • Rihanna wearing her hair short in a pixie
  • smooth and very short pixie cut
  • pixie for wavy hair
  • modern pixie cut with bangs
  • practical and low maintenance pixie
  • modern pixie with choppy texture
  • pixie with half of the ears covered
  • pixie cut with very short bangs
  • pixie cut with a very short buzzed nape
  • pixie for shiny black hair
  • spiky pixie with short sides
  • adorable pixie for brown hair
  • side view of a classy pixie
  • pixie with the hair combed back
  • pixie with bangs and curls
  • sleek pixie with bangs
  • very short blonde pixie
  • very short pixie
  • pixie hairstyle for professional women
  • more short hairstyles

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