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Head Studio

Hair Expo Australia 2009

One of Australia's most innovative and creative salon approaches hair as a medium to create art with. Marie Cain reinvents classic styles, adds new textures, plays with structures and surfaces. The results are strong, even haunting looks that do what only great art does: they go under your skin.
  • afro look
  • natural hair texture
  • cornrow braiding
  • hair knot
  • hair with pointed sides
  • short graduated hair
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Hair does not pretend to be anything else. Cain has a no-gimmick approach to her styles with the result of an almost raw expression even in the most exquisite shapes. Surfaces are not ironed out, but allowed to be their natural self. Fuzzy texture is encouraged and literally teased into the hair, movement is large but specific structures can be tiny and in the shape of mini braids or crinkles.
Just as the shapes, the hair colors are taken from a natural but expressive palette, often with related hues of different lightness brought together to create another level of visual tease.
Award: New Creative Force
Finalist: Marie Cain
Salon: Head Studio, Perth