Pixie Cuts (7)

Are you considering taking the pixie plunge? Going pixie takes courage and self-confidence, but you should really try it sometime! There’s something powerful about pixies and it is one of the most life-changing haircuts you can get. Let the below photos inspire you to find your perfect pixie cut!
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  • pixie for hair with curls
  • pixie with elongated cutting lines
  • short blonde pixie for an Annie Lenox look
  • dynamic pixie with lifted up hair
  • pixie with spiky hair strands
  • neat and sporty chic pixie
  • pixie styled with a bump on the crown
  • very modern and playful pixie cut
  • wash and go pixie hairstyle
  • 80s inspired pixie with curls
  • pixie with precise cutting lines
  • pixie with very short clipped sides
  • pixie cut with messy styling
  • pixie with wispy styling of the hair
  • pixie with an intense red hair color
  • pixie with dramatically short bangs
  • pixie for sleek blonde hair
  • pixie with undercut red and brown hair
  • pixie cut with different hair lengths
  • neat pixie cut with volume
  • pixie with the hair cut above the ears
  • flattering pixie haircut
  • pixie with an expressive fringe
  • very short pixie for older women
  • pixie for middle aged women
  • pixie with curls and top volume
  • fashion pixie with a long neck section
  • pixie cut with a long side fringe
  • pixie hair with retro styling
  • more short hairstyles

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