Pixies (2)

It takes a lot of confidence to take the plunge and cut your hair in a pixie, but it’s more than worth it. No matter your face shape or hair type, there is a pixie cut that will look great on you. Keep on scrolling for pixie hair inspiration. These cute hairstyles will make you wonder why you waited so long to cut your hair short!
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  • sweet pixie cut
  • low maintenance pixie cut
  • pixie with a long side fringe
  • pixie with a long pointcut fringe
  • easy to style pixie
  • pixie with buzzed sides
  • pixie with styling towards the back
  • Buzz cut pixie
  • pixie with wet look styling
  • pixie with flipped out bangs
  • pixie cut with silver highlights
  • pixie with height in the top hair
  • elegant pixie with combed back hair
  • festive styling for a pixie
  • pixie cut styled for a party
  • pixie with a soft appearance
  • fashion forward pixie
  • tomboy inspired pixie
  • fresh and sporty pixie cut
  • trendy pixie
  • pixie with clipper cut sides
  • blonde pixie cut with layers
  • easy to style pixie
  • pixie with long bangs
  • easy to wear pixie
  • brunette pixie
  • black pixie with deep bangs
  • easy pixie for copper hair
  • Sylvie van der Vaart pixie
  • more short hairstyles

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