Ego Punk by Keller haircompany

Trendy hairstyles with punk influences
Rebellion and non-conformism can come in many shapes and colors. Keller haircompany believes that these may as well be well groomed and trendy. Their "ego punk" gives us a taste of their revolutionary and progressive vision. Textures and hair colors are combined for maximum impact and delightful fashion.

Cleopatra Eyes and Big Bangs

Top heavy hairstyle with sleek and frizzy elements
Hair with sleek and frizzy elements
This top-heavy hairstyle is easy to be smitten with. It combines smooth, sleek and frizzy elements that are arranged in a harmonious balance.
The weighty part is above the ears with a dense structure and full bangs that transition into the whirly strands of the sides over a smooth little curve.
The copper red gleam fizzles out into the high movement and mixes with strands in platinum and black.

Swan Neck

Modern hairstyle with filigree hair
The full fringe stands in strong contrast to the filigree lower half of this modern hairstyle. To add movement, overlapping layers were made visible and styled in different angles in the top section.
The sides are gently tugged behind the ears below which they smooth snugly to the neck in tapered and intense texture.

Hair Color Transition

Hair color transition from dark to light
The hair color transitions from the darker bottom to the light drenched top like the sun rising at dusk. Warm hues radiate an enchanting vibe from the crown to the top of the ears.
As it that was not enough drama already, the curls take it to another luscious level of hairy decadence. The hair is styled out of the face to leave a lot of room for expressive make-up.

Lifted Roots

Long hairstyle with lifted roots for volume
Light and elegant hairstyles
Much lift in the roots raised the crown of this long hairstyle to a light and elegant volume while giving the top section a round shape. The sides are slim and meander beneath the shoulders in a deconstructed, strandy motion with a few waves on the way.
A major player is the long fringe that shapely curves across one side of the face before it tugs under the inward turned side. A smooth hazelnut brown gets a lot of dynamic with darker and lighter hair color effects that conjure up a marbled look.

Long Slick Hair

Long slick hair that clings to the head
Long hairstyle for thick hair
The full, thick and slick hair that clings to the head gets its shape from a deep S-curve that is created by the long fringe framing half of the face before transitioning into the long side.
The weight of the hair sits mainly in the upper half which is so finely layered that the transition is hardly visible. In the lengths the strands are separated and thick for a slinky and sexy appearance.

Neck Length Haircut

Neck-length haircut with layers and textured sides
Stylish hairstyles for men and women with blonde hair
A dash of the 80s mixed with a hint of the 90s and all covered in sci-fi avantgarde attitude is the recipe for this layered neck length haircut. The texturing along all the cutting lines is deep and the sides from the chin down are tapered for a perfect fit.
The medium blonde gets more depth and a lot of dynamic movement through the light blonde highlights.

Chin Length Curls

Feminine blonde chin length hair with curls
The sheer definition of these large curls gives them a supernatural feel. This is intensified by the multiple tone coloring with a darker blonde side from which the colors transgresses to lighter and very luminous tones in a diagonal line.
Chin length and with a thin curly veil of a fringe the look is ultra feminine and powerful.

Feathery Spikes

Short baby blond hair with spikes
Punk haircut for blonde women
Weightless and sharply pointed and spiked strands are cut with the shortest length in the nape and a gradual lengthening towards the top. Styling is anti-gravity taking each hair against its direction of growth just as the whole style is rebellious and goes against mainstream and conventions.
The perfection of the short cut and the tender baby blonde color give it a sure place in the land of style and fashion.

Short Spiked Hair

Short haircut with spikes and a long tapered nape
Modern look with short hair and a see-through top
Sharp spikes interact with equally sharp angles, heavy texture and choppy lengths with linear precision.
From the long, tapered nape the first tender spikes emerge and make their way up to the top and smooth out again into a long fringe. Texture delights throughout are emphasized with pink highlights on a dark base.

Hair Color Contrasts

Daring cut and color for short hair
Contrasts are the name of the game here. Both in cut as in hair color. And both as daring as can be. Bright fuchsia erupts from a straight angled black base cut in fireworks of glowing and textured spiky strands.
The texture of the short haircut increases towards the crown and also brings edgy attention to the otherwise blunt cut fringe.

Dynamic Men's Hairstyle

Dynamic above the ears haircut for young men
If Elton John and David Bowie had offspring, he might just look like this. The graduated neck and distinctly outlined sides find their energizing counterpart above the ears with progressive lengthening of textured and mildly disarranged hair.
The young man's hair is first styled forward before the tips are curved the other way for a stylish dynamic.

Choppy Haircut for Men

Choppy short haircut for men
This handsome man in leather is ready to hit the scene with a trendy choppy haircut.
The short cropped hair is textured throughout and then styled to the front building up a rugged but defined outline with emphasis on the heavy sideburns.

High Top Haircut for Men

Hi-top haircut for men
It takes a lot of thick hair to achieve this dense structure. Starting with extremely short neck hair to the longer crown hair all is constructed to achieve a maximum lift that does not even require a lot of product to stay in shape.
The textured hair is cut to support itself with fine graduation and attention to every single strand.

Smooth and Buzzed

Male hair with a smooth top and a buzz cut nape
A clear line separates the ultra smooth top from the buzz cut nape which transitions without disruption into the stubbly sides and furthermore into the clearly outlined facial hair.
Every hair has its place and even the distinct eyebrows are a part of the grand design for this avantgarde boldness.

Mid-forehead Bangs

Short slick haircut with two tone coloring
Modern felines don't compromise on style. This short slick hairstyle features extreme finesse in the cut and the two tone coloring. Laser cut bangs run in a softly rounded line from one ear to the other at mid-forehead and expose the highly stylized eyebrows. They overlap the pointed sideburns which are colored a deep purple just like the rest of the hair.

Post Punk Bob

Post punk bob cut with a curved fringe
Modern short bob with straight styling
The curved fringe takes this bob to post-punk modernism. Exact lines and sleek styling create strictness which is softened by a random array of hair color effects.
The marbled effect arises from the application of the contrasting color in a thin layer amid the black base and some additional strands that are painted on top. Extreme shine strengthens the appearance of a sculpted helmet.
Hairstyles: Keller haircompany
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