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Intercoiffure Austria

Tough times need strong and confident women. The new line of hairstyles from Intercoiffure Austria asks women to let go of the concealing bangs that have been hiding foreheads and faces for years and to show their faces again. Framed by the elegant, ladylike hairstyles full of color and texture, the features are the center of attention and are more expressive than ever.
  • short hair with high lift
  • hair styled backwards
  • hairdo with exposed forehead
  • back swept hairstyle
  • flaming red hair
  • hair tugged behind the ears
  • hair styled out of the face
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Horst Wallmeier, Fashion Director with Intercoiffure Austria and his creative team ask women to stop hiding behind veils and curtains of hair, to come out and embrace the world with new feminine vigor, elegance and most of all expression.
The new cuts are short to medium long, are slightly textured for softness and pull the hair out of the face in large sweeps with more or less height and volume. Casual elegance with a natural vibe creates a ladylike selection for women who are ready to conquer new endeavors of the challenging and of the pleasant kind.
Hairstyles: Intercoiffure Austria