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Out of the face hairstyles for women
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Tough times need strong and confident women. The line of hairstyles from Intercoiffure Austria asks women to let go of the concealing bangs that have been hiding foreheads and faces for years and to show their faces again. Framed by the elegant, ladylike hairstyles full of color and texture, the features are the center of attention and are more expressive than ever.
The cuts are short to medium long, are slightly textured for softness and pull the hair out of the face in large sweeps with more or less height and volume. Casual elegance with a natural vibe creates a ladylike selection for women who are ready to conquer new endeavors of the challenging and of the pleasant kind.

High Lift

Short back swept hair with lift in the roots
Roots are getting an extra lift in this back-swept, short hairstyle. Lines move away from the face towards the back and are held in place with flexible but strong styling products.
The eye catcher is the extreme height styled into the hair with a straight up direction. Strong lines with a casual, determined and confident expression.

Lady Brunette

Chin length brunette hair styled backwards
After styling the hair for ultimate volume, especially in the roots, it was moved backwards and now flows as elegant as heavy silk behind the ears, shaping a full backside and top.
The front was slight disarranged in a planned but seemingly random pattern. This prevents any kind of stiffness to creep into the ladylike but at the same time casual hairstyle.

High Forehead

Neck length hairstyle with an exposed forehead
A rounded quiff crowns the exposed forehead and together with the sides that are curved backwards in an elegant motion before they curl up in a wispy and chic outward flip, it determines the dynamic elegance of this expressive and festive look.
A smooth blonde works great with the simplicity and sophistication of this hairstyle.

Sassy Strands

Back swept blonde hairstyle with a longer neckline
This Ellen Barkin look-a-like shows off her pretty face with a back-swept hairstyle in beach blonde. The casualness of the styling separates strands just enough to give the hair an appealing and spontaneous look.
The longer neckline and generally long strands are just slightly textured at the ends and hold the high root volume well with the help of some hair product magic.

Red Flash

Short cut for flaming red hair
The most androgynous look of this collection shines in a flaming red hair color. It is also the shortest with a well-defined cutting line along the sides and the neck.
It lengthens without visible transitions towards the top, and it is styled from the front to the back in broad strokes that look as if they were forked into place with the fingers and a dab of hair wax.

Golden Girl

Hair with the sides tugged behind the ears
A side part and a high forehead turn up the heat in this radiant golden look.
The hair is cut at about chin length with a softening texture in the tips; the sides are neatly tugged behind the ears while the front section sweeps up in a grand motion and throws a great dose of ladylike elegance into the casual, artsy look.

Wave of Luxury

Style that keeps the hair out of the face
Glamour and elegance are expressed by a captivating wave that lifts the shiny black style to new heights. This luxurious look keeps all hair out of the face to make room for her eyes to sparkle and her cheekbones to show their shape. A lot of shine makes it even more precious.
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