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Andrea Beers

Midlands Hairdresser of the Year 2009 Finalist Collection

Andrea Beers puts the 3 "s" back in hairfashion. Her winning collection emphasizes the sultry, sophisticated and seductive side of women with haircuts from short to long and in a range of basic, yet intense hair colors.
  • hairstyle with an upward flip
  • short platinum blonde hair
  • playful updo
  • long hair with gigantic curls
  • hair fashion
  • hair with lift in the back
  • pulled back long hair
  • fashionable updo
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Inspired by the fashions from the late 60s and 70s Beers reinvents the big lines, big hair and big crowns. Teased volume or sleek shapes - all celebrate iconic fashion and femininity. Curvy shapes and sculpted bangs are just a part of this visual feast as are overwhelming curls and flamboyant flips.
The enticing retro feel of this powerful hairstyles collection is right on the trend and gives women amazing choices of being as beautiful as they can be and as bold as they dare.
Hair: Andrea Beers, Kidderminster
Photography: Richard Miles
Make-Up and Styling: Justine Collins
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