Andrea Beers

Midlands Hairdresser of the Year Finalist Collection

Hairstyles inspired by the 1960s and 1970s
Andrea Beers puts the 3 "s" back in hair fashion. Her winning collection emphasizes the sultry, sophisticated and seductive side of women with haircuts from short to long and in a range of basic, yet intense hair colors.
Inspired by the fashions from the late 60s and 70s, Beers reinvents the big lines, big hair and big crowns. Teased volume or sleek shapes - all celebrate iconic fashion and femininity. Curvy shapes and sculpted bangs are just a part of this visual feast as are overwhelming curls and flamboyant flips.
The enticing retro feel of this powerful hairstyles collection is right on the trend and gives women amazing choices of being as beautiful as they can be and as bold as they dare.

Upward Flip

Short hair styled with an upward flip
Pure elegance for a grand appearance is the result of an extraordinarily short haircut and passionate styling. While the back hair remains close to the neck, sides and front where treated to a luscious upward flip.
The deep side part adds sophisticated asymmetry and the extra lift on the roots, especially on the crown takes the volume to new heights. The smoky dark brown hair color has a few interspersed red effects that put give it all an avantgarde touch.

Short Blonde Hairstyle

Short platinum blonde hair with an overlapping partition
Her short, sleek and curved hairstyle has been the epitome of a sci-fi look for decades. A new twist was added with the overlapping partition on the low right side and the elegant swing right along the left eyebrow.
Clare is wearing a warm shade of platinum blonde that works great with her skin tone and that underlines the sculptural nature of her hairstyle.

Playful Updo

Playful updo with vintage inspiration
With her a playful updo she will definitely get a lot of attention due to its chic volume and most of all due to the beautiful long diagonal fringe that ends in a perfectly shaped semi-circle at about chin length.
The sexiness of the hairstyle is in the sheer femininity of its rounded shape and the elegance that comes with the elaborate styling. The high crest is a must for vintage-flavored looks.

Gigantic Curls

Long high volume hair with gigantic curls
Watch out, the vamp is back! This long, high volume, huge wave and gigantic curls hairstyle puts a capital V into Vavavoom and speaks for itself. It makes us think of Brigitte Bardot, Anita Ekberg and other screen goddesses who dared to be sexy and did not hold anything back.
It's time to get those sequined strapless dresses out of the closet again and pump up the volume - best in a golden blonde!

Sculpted Look

Short hair fashion that frames the face
Instead of watching too much of "Clockwork Orange" Sam is on a mission of short hair fashion. Sculpted hairstyles like this have to be cut with utmost perfection and styled with a vision.
The silhouette would form a perfect oval if there was not the necessary cut-out for the face. This however is now framed in beautiful geometry, hiding and revealing just enough to create a look of memorable artistry.

Lift in the Back

Medium length hairstyle with lift in the back
This kitten knows what she wants, and she is not too shy to take it. The high hair vibrates with sultry determination and sense of style. Modern styling and great new products allow the airy volume and the great lift in the back without making the hair inflexible.
A diagonal fringe that ends in a little teaser curl perfects the package as does the warm coppery red.

Pulled Back

Long hair pulled back from the forehead
Forgo the partition and just pull the hair back right from the forehead. This is one of the key elements to the high top volume and sophisticated yet supersexy appeal of this long blonde hair.
The strongly textured ends perfectly balance the density and heaviness of the top and have a slimming effect on the look. This hairstyle is perfect for all those modern, urban lionesses on the prowl or just for fun.

Hair Up with a Bump

Fashionable semi updo with a bump on the crest
A great hairstyle is like a perfect pair of shoes. This semi updo would be the elegant, glamorous pump taking a whole outfit to a new level of fashion. The exaggerated bump on the crest is offset by an extra long and asymmetrical fringe with playfully and casually curled tips. Highlights and lowlights in the sandy blonde add tremendous motion and depth.
Hair: Andrea Beers, Kidderminster
Photography: Richard Miles
Make-up and Styling: Justine Collins
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