Jacques Dessange

Spring Summer 09 Hairstyles

Uncomplicated hairstyles for long and short hair
French masters of luxury in hair at DESSANGE created another collection of hairstyle jewels. The elegance and beauty of the new summer styles stems from a deep harmony that includes the cut and color, but also the make-up.
The message is softness and luminosity with flowing shapes in short and long. Classic lines and sunshine colors like the pearlescent blondes and light browns combine with uncomplicated styling that is beautiful in its simplicity without lacking in the secret ingredient - casual sophistication.
Make-up is in tune with the softness and light of the hairstyles. Smoky eyes, nude but shiny lips and smooth foundations make an impact with low contrast, natural colors that support the beauty of individual faces and do not take over.

Short and Flirtatious

Low maintenance short haircut with sportiness
This shorty comes with a lot of charm and sportiness. Low maintenance enough for the active woman, but super chic to stand out at the most prestigious events. The hair was layered long and smoothly with much emphasis on the long fringe, swept sideways with esprit.
The tips are gently textured for an especially soft haircut which finds its perfect complement in the vanilla blond color.

Graduated Volume

Short blonde hair with volume and a graduated neckline
Volume is the key for this rebellious fashion statement with short hair. The graduated neckline and longer but layered top section have enough lightness and structure to boost the volume to cotton candy sweetness.
A distinct cutting line along the sides brings in a trendy edge and the platinum/beach blonde hair color just vibrates with energy and radiance. Muted colors for the make-up keep all the attention on the cool cut.

Classic in Blonde

Timeless blonde bob with a slight A-line shape
The timeless lure of a one length bob continues and is celebrated in this light blonde creation. With a high side part and elegantly curved ends it has all the elements that made this hairstyle so successful.
The Dessange stylists added even more luxury to the winning style by giving it a pearlescent shimmer and seductive fullness in addition to a slight A-line shape that cannot be beat when it comes to elegance.

Tapered Mane

Very long hair with shine and tapering
Very long hair tamed by smoothness and shine. A statement of minimalism is made with the simple center part but the sheer length and shine of the auburn flow makes up for it with its luxurious abundance.
Between shoulders and waist the hair is tapered on both sides in front. This creates more movement and keeps the hair light while adding volume.

Open Updo

Updo with a classy ponytail
Especially in summer long manes may be too hot, and this is a beautiful way to show off long hair while keeping it light and breezy. This noble ponytail gets its classy character from the volume that was styled onto the top of the head by lifting the roots on the crest while keeping the sides snug. All of the hair was gathered in the back from where it flows in free gorgeousness.

Simply Waves

Long blonde hair with wavy volume
One length and lots of thick shiny waves never cease to amaze and enchant with their beautiful nature. Simplicity and balance in cut and shape are unpretentious but at the same time super precious in the light wheat blonde that outshines the stars at night.
Elegantly parted slightly off center the volume of the long hair is distributed just right to frame the face in a harmonious halo of honey colored radiance.

Definition of Curls

Long blonde hair with curls and a heavy fringe
The rich abundance of this long blonde hair is enough to make heads turn. With the high definition of the curls and waves, it is lifted to high hair fashion status. The heavy fringe flows across the forehead in a sultry diagonal double curve and disappears in a mass of huge whirly curls that play from the shoulders to the middle of the back.

Silken Romance

Romantic hairstyle with curls for long blonde hair
The highly defined curls from the previous photo were softened and restyled to create this romantic and playful hairstyle. The fringe is lifted and less separated and turns into a frolicking curl that caresses the side of the face.
The focus of this look is on softness and shine. Curls are smaller and more active towards the edges of the long flow of blonde hair.
Hairstyles: DESSANGE
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