"Faces of Romance" by BUNDY BUNDY

Sweet short hairstyles
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This collection of short and sweet hairstyles tells the story of Romance in the language of hair. Hair that is full of surprises, movement, wild and smooth sections and heart-capturing colors.
Each cut is crafted with unrivaled diligence and meticulous design of every strand, so that the hair can be styled in different ways, different directions and with a different energy to look amazing and brand-new in each of its incarnations.
BUNDY BUNDY presents three distinguished flavors: Wild Romance featuring short cuts that are full of movement and velocity, just like the sensation of stormy love itself.
Cool Romance presents toned down, sensitive stylings for women of confidence and last but not least Easy Romance comes with a feisty, mischievous and slightly naughty attitude and high flying volume.

Messy Look for Short Hair

Messy styling for short hair
The deep set fringe pivots swirls in a large S-curve along the side of the face, creating a captivating diagonal division. For the most possible movement, the hair was styled from back to front and treated with sculpting product to achieve the deliberately messy look.
Bathed in a fine shine of a warm golden brown hue this short hair look is elegant seduction in its purest form.

Styled to the Back

Sleek short hair styled to the back
A change of direction makes a huge difference in the character of an appearance. The messy short hair is now styled to the back, opening up the face and presenting an almost androgynous contour where it not for the high volume in front.
Also the refined hair color transition of darker to lighter hues and golden highlights get to show their true abilities.

Styled Towards the Front

Short cut wit the hair styled towards the front
A shimmering surface of various tonalities is a glamorous touch to the beautiful short hairstyle. This lady has her hair styled towards the front and nicely framing the face with long, curved sides.
The bangs are full, and a lot of great movement is created in the finger-combed styling.

Hair Styled from Back to Front

Short hair styled from back to front
Even though the color is of an earthy kind, this short hairstyle is ready to take off. The long fringe is styled reaching high up with wispy ends reaching into fashion nirvana.
Styled from back to front with a smooth surface that highlights the smooth transitions of brown hues the giant sweep was created with a lot of positive momentum and a good sculpting product for heavy duty anti-gravity hold.

Short Haircut and Collar Up

Short curly red hair styled out of the face
The sophisticated short haircut reaches aristocratic heights with a few handfuls of thick, well rounded red curls. Whirlpools of shiny red delight grace the crown with lofty volume.
All is styled out of the face for a strong touch of coolness. Sides are slicked back to push the contour up. The hair color is a rich but not flashy red tone with strong copper and red gold elements.

Haircut Opening up the Face

Short hairstyle that opens up the face
The red of her short hair and the aqua color of her outfit and make-up combine to a refreshing contrast of hot and cold.
The sleek presentation of the pixie cut focuses on opening up the face with backward styling. Only the fringe goes its own way with a high root lift and a diagonal drift above the forehead.

Hair with Snugly Styled Sides

Short hair that snugly frames the face
The long fringe is structured by strands of hair running in opposite directions. It reaches across one eye and together with the snugly styled sides it frames the face in a way to bring all attention to the visible eye and the little pout of her lips.
A warm, gentle red tone with golden undertones works great with light skin and will always stand out.

Layered Short Haircut

Layered short hair with smoothed sides
World travelling beauties never stand still and neither does their hair. Styled with a mission to create velocity and aerodynamic lines the lightly textured lengths of this layered short haircut are ready for take off. Diagonally of course.
The sides are smoothed towards the back, and no fringe disturbs the free expression of her face.

Billy Idol Look

Very short women's haircut with a cropped neck
A feminine version of the iconic punk rock star Billy Idol's look still expresses rebellion in blonde. A supershort haircut with a cropped neck and back is crowned by long, textured hair that is a touch lighter in color than the rest.
Swirled to an uplifting spikiness full of softness and motion this is the perfect look for a carefree summer full of romance and fun.

Short Hairstyle with Layers

Short blonde summer hairstyle with layers
Like a fresh summer parfait this short hairstyle comes in layers. Cut and colored ones that are clearly distinguished and create an unusual pattern of dark and blonde hues, smooth and structured areas.
The main line of the diagonal fringe originates high on the crown, but on the way to the eyebrow it is overlapped by a strongly textured top and itself it overlaps the short, brown side sections.

Short and Stylish

Low maintenance short hair with chiseled sides
Singer Pink has made a lasting statement with her short and stylish haircuts. Channel the rocking attitude with this asymmetrical fringe and chiseled sides all beaming in a sandy light blonde with a hint of platinum.
Low in maintenance but high in impact, this look will keep you cool and sexy all summer long.

Short Hairstyle & Sunglasses

Glamour look with sunglasses and short blonde hair
You can hobnob with the rich and famous in Cannes or just spread international glamour at your local swimming pool. The short haircut with the determined fringe and crown add the right sizzle to the style.
Sides are slicked back and the top rises in icy-hot flames of blonde passion. Don't forget oversized sunglasses!
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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