Carpy Coiffeur - SS07

Hairstyles for spring and summer
The diva is back! Vintage glamour inspired the Spring and Summer hairstyles collection presented to us by Carpy Coiffeur. We are thrilled to see familiar lines and intense shapes but all improved with a thorough make-over to make them new again in the 21st century.
The round silhouettes are extra smooth with each hair in its well designed place. The shine of this helmet-like structures is out of this world and enhanced even more by the dark, woody hair colors. Only a variety of exquisite textures brings some commotion to the strictness of the basic shapes.
Androgynous, expressive and glamorous hairstyles bring out the movie star in all of us and if you like it all with a touch of burlesque fire - it's all there!

1920s Page Boy

1920s short page boy cut with a graduated back
Page boy cut for women
This perfectly styled page boy cut comes with the flavor of the 1920s but was updated with modern ideas and their skilful application.
The back is graduated in its lower quarter and the top is dominated by ear-covering one length straightness and super short bangs. This short hairstyle is unique and very elegant with a fun artistic twist.

Modern Makeover

Short page boy cut for sleek brown hair
Modern page boy haircut
A spic and span short page boy haircut went to the big city and got a modern makeover. Longer strands softly veil the classic cut and with their movement they guide the eye towards the face and along a dynamic diagonal line.
Deep shine is a must with these sleek hairstyles and the bluish black gives it an even more precious appearance.

Raspy Fringe

Short haircut with a curved cutting line and a short fringe
This fringe has attitude. It may be short, but it comes with a lot of character and trendy texture. The cutting line is curved between both ears, and the tips were consequently shaped to a row of tooth-like texture.
The neck area of this short hairstyle is a bit longer than the ears and makes for a fresh and chic contour. We also love the light movement on the crown created by shallow waves.

Short Haircut with Long Bangs

Very short haircut with layers for brown hair
It's all about proportions to make a very short haircut look spectacular. This darling version comes with lots of fine layers and softening of the tips. The bangs are long but light enough to let the well shaped eyebrows shine through.
Styled as if a gentle wind has brought all the motion to the crown, this look is sure to blaze its way to trend heaven.

Retro Glam Look

Short women's hair styled with pomade
A simple wave turns into a statement of sculptural beauty. Based on a short pageboy cut this slick retro glam look still turns heads. A good dose of pomade and a fine toothed comb can do the trick and turn a vision of sophisticated daringness into reality.
Great for evenings out, festive events, gallery hopping or midnight encounters at the ice cream parlor.

Retro Short Hair

Short retro haircut with a curved fringe
From the diabolically stylish sideburns to the curved and short fringe, this look is as attractive as can be. A meticulous cutting line gives the short haircut a cool edge and neat contour with a retro touch.
Instead of a distinct partition, the hair has a pivot point on the mid-crown and swirls around the head with a smooth, slightly curved structure.

Long Bob

Long sleek bob with curved tips and bangs
The little effort it takes to round the edges of this long bob is obviously worth it. Tantalizing and simply beautiful from the high center part to the curved tips this classic hairstyle speaks for itself.
Classy in nature, it has been updated with a curve in the bangs and a super shiny black color.

Sporty Curls

Short haircut for men with curls
All of the volume is piled high and hundreds of curls frolic full of sporty energy. The clear and clean sides are the balancing element to all of the action on top which is only tamed by a perfect cut that keeps a smooth silhouette.
The graduated neckline rounds of the neat yet exciting appeal of this young man's haircut.

Fashion for Modern Men

Modern haircut with straight styling for men
Modern men are not afraid of fashion and the most direct way to show the new sense of style is with a short and avantgarde haircut like this slick, straight layered look. The clear cutting line of the fringe right above the brows is truly and eye catcher, but the distinctly masculine contour on the sides with pronounced but short sideburns takes it up another notch.
Hair: Carpy Coiffeur
Photos: © Filippe Darocha
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