ART EGO Hairstyles Collection

ART EGO by Sanké Hairdressers is a beautiful collection with one long hairstyle and several attractive pixie cuts.
The cuts are based on the world of Art Déco. The Art Déco style flourished in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. The style is characterized by bold geometric shapes and rich colors.
De hairstyles are a combination of round shapes and sharp corners. Round shapes for femininity and sharp corners to underline the artistic side of the cuts. The hairstyles are modern, versatile and with lots of beautiful details. Long hair or a cute pixie... the choice is yours!
blonde pixie with slanted bangs pixie wide side bangs side view of a pixie cut long style for wavy hair long hairstyle with bangs pixie for wavy hair modern pixie cut with bangs pixie cut with messy styling pixie for curly hair pixie with very short bangs pixie for brunette hair pixie with wild styling modern pixie pixie with trendy styling
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