Pixie Crops (4)

The pixie crop is one of those hairstyles that can be gamine and feminine at the same time. Pixies are not one size fits all haircuts. There are a lot of different pixie styles to choose from. Are you in the mood to go pixie-short? Below is all the pixie inspiration you need!
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  • pixie with spiky styling
  • pixie with buzz cut sides
  • Amber Valletta pixie
  • Faith Hill pixie
  • blonde pixie with slanted bangs
  • pixie wide side bangs
  • pixie cut for older women
  • pixie with spiky texture
  • blonde pixie with undercut hair
  • black pixie with highlights
  • pixie with hair color effects
  • feathery pixie for white hair
  • copper color pixie with layers
  • pixie cut with a feathery fringe and neck
  • pixie with a mix of lengths
  • blonde pixie with spikes
  • pixie with curls
  • pixie with a fringe that covers the eyebrows
  • pixie with clipper cut sides
  • pixie cut with curved lines
  • blonde pixie with a long fringe
  • blonde pixie with wild bangs
  • bob styled to look like a pixie
  • pixie for a punk look
  • pixie with silver and metallic colors
  • chic pixie with layers
  • sleek pixie with contrasting spikes
  • copper pixie with a long fringe
  • pixie cut for silver hair
  • more short hairstyles

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