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Hair Expo Australia 10

Award winning hairstyles
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The award winning hairstyles by Parlour Hair have two main themes. Volume and geometry. Both appear in separate looks of which each one is a powerhouse of style, expression and mojo.
The long to medium long looks break all the boundaries of opulence but are limited by their triangular silhouettes. Their romantic renaissance flair is balanced with modern twists, bold outfits and make-up that prevent them from turning too angelic.
The short, smooth cuts gain accolades with their timeless chic, based on classic round cuts and mod looks. But even here Parlour Hair adds their own touch to make these styles unique.

Aphrodite's Sister

Long blonde hair with thick curls
A churning mass of hair descends long over her shoulders in an almost perfect triangle with its apex on the crown. The bubbly cascade is made out of thick curls, spirals and smaller crinkles, all of which contributing to an addictive pattern of movement and texture.
The larger and more defined curls are close to the face and along one side, thus creating a slight asymmetry in the well-balanced form. Of course this thrill-ride of a style is most dramatic in a medium honey blonde tone.

Modern Master

Medium length hair with high volume curls
Reminiscent of paintings by old Italian masters, these high-volume curls bring the energy of art and sophistication with them. Large and exquisitely defined they swirl around the face in a cupid's game of seduction by fashion.
Again the silhouette is a triangle, this time inverted and most obvious from the side view. The weight line is set high, above the eyebrows, which creates an almost horizontal top.

Pyramid Style

Bouncy blonde hair with a pyramid shape
This bouncy pyramid of volume was created with a mix of techniques - deconstructed, brushed waves, light teasing, good products and a few tricks while drying the hair. It proofs that curls are not always necessary to increase the fluff.
The widest part is at chin-length and without all the trendy air inside the tresses we'd be looking at a side parted bob with a transcended coloring of platinum and caramel fudge.

Line Interrupted

Eye-catching short haircut with a rounded shape
If it wasn't for the eye-catching little corner that disrupts the fringe line above the left eyebrow, this short haircut would be of rounded purity in all aspects. Shape, contour and styling are sculpted like an abstract sculpture.
A light asymmetry in the shape and a shift of the center contribute to its extravagant appeal. But with all the art and balance, it is the tiny opening, the minimalistic point that steals the show and makes this look most memorable.

Bronze Perfection

Cheek-bone enhancing short hair with a low fringe
Mod style is taken to our time, adjusted with extreme perfection of shape, proportion and the stunning bronze metallic color. All lines flow into each other and roundness is the key.
The short hair is molded close to the shape of the head and convinces with its cheekbone-promoting, pointed sides and the low fringe.
Award: Australian Hairdresser of the Year
Finalist: Robert Bava
Salon: Parlour Hair
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