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Parlour Hair

Hair Expo Australia 2010

The award winning hairstyles by Parlour Hair have two main themes. Volume and geometry. Both appear in separate looks of which each one is a powerhouse of style, expression and mojo.
The long to medium long looks break all the boundaries of opulence but are limited by their triangular silhouettes. Their romantic renaissance flair is balanced with modern twists, bold outfits and make-up that prevent them from turning too angelic.
  • long hair with curls
  • large curls
  • bouncy hair
  • eye-catching haircut
  • low fringe
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The short, smooth cuts gain accolades with their timeless chic, based on classic round cuts and mod looks. But even here Parlour Hair adds their own touch to make these styles unique.
Award: Australian Hairdresser of the Year
Finalist: Robert Bava
Salon: Parlour Hair