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Hairstyles Spring Summer 2010

As fresh as an early morning breeze and as stylish as ever - the new line by Cebado puts looking great back in our spring and summer seasons.
Well cut and beautifully styled, the new hairstyles collection gives men and women hair a trendy, wearable look that does away with all traces of grunge and messy chic and brings back clean lines, defined contours and the skill of styling with a strong passion for fashion.
  • professional short haircut
  • seductive haircut for short hair
  • versatile short hair
  • simple hairstyle with curls
  • sporty look
  • hair with a 1930s flair
  • angelic wavy hair
  • corkscrew curls
  • short haircut with a glam factor
  • gamine shorty
  • summer looks for hair
  • cool cut for men
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Choices are plenty for short and long hair. Curls are the star of the collection but never underestimate a sassy short haircut. The flow of the styles is as natural as can be, soft, feminine and full of defined volume. The same goes for the colors. Natural and sensuous is the call of the season.
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